Running, ready to sprint again…

Yesterday, I travelled to Chatswood.  Big Deal.  I do that every day.  But it does make a difference, when you travel solely by foot.

Yes, I popped on my runners and walked/jogged/ran all the Chatswood from home.  It only felt a quarter as tough as my gym workouts.  After meeting up with mom and dad, they gave me a lift to St Leonards where they dropped me off and off I jogged again all the way back home.

My mom thought I was crazy. It wasn’t though.  I’m amazed at how little effort it takes after two months of training at the gym.  I insist that my PT sessions, which consists of vigourous cardio on the treadmill, cross trainer and weight/squats/lunges, tricep dips…etc, are, by far, more intensive.

Maybe I can run the City to Surf next year… or turn into a marathon runner eventually.  LOL*

Maybe I’m just too bored and filling my head with bizarre thoughts to keep me excited.  Afterall, life isn’t all that interesting when you spend nine to ten hours in sweet slumber and wake to a breastpump waiting for you to feed it.  Well, life ain’t all that bad either!  I must appreciate the sleep and relaxation I have now because tomorrow and for the coming weeks, I will be looking to around to get myself busy again.  It’s called job-hunting.

I still have a month off in August….must I whinge more?   Heavently Father, I thank you for my blessings.

(Now I’m thinking of a route to sprint…literally…Chatswood again, maybe?)


4 thoughts on “Running, ready to sprint again…

  1. The grass is definitely greener on the other side Jo! Your lifestyle (bar breastfeeding! haha) is precisely what I want right now. enjoy it and good luck with job hunting. You wanna get back into marketing full time?


  2. HAHA….Well, there’s the Chinese saying, “I see you’re well, You see I’m well”…I’m enjoying life until September.  Just weighing up options but gonna get back into work…yes, full time in media.


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