Convergence of technologies

From my earliest memories, it started with the chunky laptop. Connected to the Internet through, what would now become slow in third world countries, dialup via a cumbersome phone line. My mother and I would have to arm wrestle to use the phone socket on the wall to win over her usage of the phone or my connection to the Internet. Forget Google, Bing, Yahoo!. It was Netscape and Excite. Forget MSN, it was ICQ and even that was considered modern back then.

I’ve been blogging for more than six years now after spending two years considering whether it was ‘safe’ to be telling my life story to the world. Mind you, I was studying Computer Engineering. The books didn’t explain the extent to where the Internet would reach today. Or rather, the lack of knowledge was what made it so fearful. Eight years on from the day ‘blogging’ came across as a ‘cool’ idea, I am typing this post via my Blackberry mobile, which will be sent via email to be posted onto Posterous, with the option to be automatically updated into multiple social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, Xanga, you name it. Geez, that was a long sentence. In short, technology has come a long way, in the shortest space of time.

‘Convergence of technologies’, the first time I was exposed to the theory more seriously was in my first job in digital media, as a fresh grad, five years ago. I was at an SEM conference. Sitting in a room with an audience ranging from fresh-grad-nerds to those who would become the directors leading this industry, I thought to myself, ‘Wow….I could use my mobile phone to do everything? I wonder if this means, we can be teleported around the world in 10 years time….’

Who knows? Believe in the impossible.

If I could be teleported now. I would be in Korea with my baby, waiting for you at the Arrivals Gate.


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