First Day at Work

I felt like myself again.  Breathing the morning air, it gave me energy to walk into a new world.

I am officially a working mother.  One who doesn’t really work to make ends meet but one who shoots for a higher living standard for the family and has the ambition to fulfill her career journey before retreating to bake-a-cake mom.

I left the house well in advance, at 8.05am, expecting to give myself a relaxing drive to Macquarie Park only to find that I couldn’t turn into Moore St and exit onto Epping Road through the back streets.  I was pushed out onto Centennial Rd that led me to Hunters Hill before making a detour back onto almost the beginning of Epping Rd.  Stuck at the traffic lights, I looked at the time on my dashboard.  8.26am. No way I was going to be late on my first day.  I frantically called my husband to seek comfort, because stressing was not going to move traffic anyways.

Thankfully, I arrive just in time, at 9 when I walked in gracefully to meet with my boss.

Touring the whole of the Optus complex could really be like a day-trip equivalent to Disneyland in HK.  We only visited all the hotspots that would suffice for now; the many cafes, atm, convenient store, parents room, childcare center, showers…etc.  Introductions to various business units, sorting out admin, presenting initial thoughts on current situation and next steps for quick wins.

The biggest challenges are yet to come.  Campaigns forgotten to launch ‘just because’…the ‘oops..’ Back to backs for the coming week to understand the business.  I shall pull this together and put it place.  I shall bring in a team.

I will succeed.

And I shall come home every evening to see my sweet Seth smiling at me.  All will be good.


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