How to dice an onion

My first ever real cooking class was learnt at a work team-building event. (Actually, I lied.  It was back in high-school in HK when I had to do ‘Home Economics’ and failed miserably with the practical aspects but only ever passed the theory…seriously, with the best chef at home – my mother, there was no reason to cook.  For years till now, I have chosen to eat and clean over preparation of my meals.  It has worked out fine thus far.)

Obviously my vote to go sailing was to avoid any activities that involved using knives and getting my hands smeared in oil.  But there was no escape.

There were around 30 of us, three quarters of our team; huddled cosily around two long tables where we learnt to make the simplest food in a catering factory.  Nothing like the Master Chef…nothing glamourous.  But I sure learnt a few things.

No one has ever told me that you don’t chop off the root of an onion to slice it!


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