What a week…Managing through Schizophrenia

2 day sicks with the flu + 1 Google offsite + 1 Marketing/Agency Offsite + FY10/11 Strategy/Budget Revision x 10 = 5 days solid but crammed into ONE

Seth is sick from HK + Husband away in HK = Crazy mother

Crazy work + Crazy mother = Lunatic

Next week, we will lose Jody….With no assistant at work….ok, I’m not going to start.


I awoke early this morning and rushed FRANTICALLY (yes, even on weekends) to pick up Willlie, who is ill as well, from the airport.  As he spent the day in bed, I fit in house chores, running to the paediatrician for my son, entertained a very irritated baby for the most of the afternoon, snuck in a power nap while Seth took his before dinner, then washed the dishes, hung the laundry (WHILE entertaining Seth playing the piano) and spent the past hour putting him to sleep.  Talk about multi-tasking!

Ok, I’m just putting in a typical weekend but as Willie says, the thought of his travelling schedule for the next month makes him want to spew.  Likewise, the thought of Willie away for most of the coming month of two makes nauseous.

And remind me, why did I pick up skating again?  Obviously because I have too much time in my hands…

Paranoia is not how I manage.  Schizophrenia is the only reason I can compartmentalise all, mutually exclusively:
1. A demanding career woman who acts like she has no family at work.
2. A calm & collected mother who acts she is a full-time mother.
3. A crazy, frantic wife who acts like she is a newly wed trying to transition into commitment.
4. Then, a young innocent girl who still goes to pursue her dreams and lives like she has too much time in her hands.

That’s how I manage.



One thought on “What a week…Managing through Schizophrenia

  1. Poor honey. I’m living at home now so I have a lot of useless time on my hands. Feel free to stop me from binge drinking all the time and I can help you out with anything you like.


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