Third Time Lucky – Melbourne Cup 10!!!

Need I say more..

For the first time in four years, there was no fascinator, no pretty floral dress.  Just a normal day at work in normal clothes, at my desk working away until 2.30pm when I was asked to participate in the office sweeps where I picked out what I called a ‘dumb Americain’ horse out of a tin basket and thought I was going to throw $2 away for the ‘race that stops the nation’.

Can’t be lucky for three years in a row, can I?  Last two years, I had placed bets on a ‘place’ and they both did me a ‘win’ instead, which led me to believe that I should veer away from betting a ‘win’ on anything this year.

As dragged myself to join the festivities in our Marketing arena in our neighbouring building, a hundred of us crowded around a 32 inch LCD, waiting only a few minutes before the race began.

So, if I remember correctly, it was Julia Thung’s (who was standing next to me) Descarado that was taking the lead most of the time on par with Harris Tweed…something or rather.  In the last 100 metres, as usual, the captions were taken off-screen to create suspense.

Then, the final cheer when someone yelled, ‘Ameeriiicaaiin’.

It took me literally thirty seconds to register.  It was my third time lucky…no more betting, indeed.



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