Performance Review – “1”

When it rain, it pours.  What’s the reverse saying?  I don’t know but I’m going to make it up.

When there’s sun, there’s glory.

Ok – that sounds really corny but for all I care, I have been none happier than this in the past three years.

Like I said, 2011 is my year.


It could have been the best X’mas gift that Optus could give me.  At the end of my performance review session, my manager asked me, “Jo, what did you rate yourself?”.  “3?”, I replied.

“Well, I’m really surprised you rated yourself a 3, Jo, because I think you did a great job that was even better than last Half”…

“Well, I feel like last Half, I almost exhausted myself working so hard and that I absolutely stretched myself to exceed the expectations of me.  But this half, I managed to get some work-life balance while still striving for the best”

“Jo, you did exceptionally well.  Last half, you were setting things up.  Anyways, we’ve discussed this amongst managers and no one has objected that you should be a… 1.  Well done, Jo and thank you for your work.”

I was speechless and felt a lump in my throat…

“Uh…well, Nat, I don’t know what to say…thank you…that’s very kind of everyone.  Thank you….”


With my HECS paid off, I get a $800 per month increase on my Net pay already….does the above situation led you to think that i’ll get another increase??

Woot.. 2011…the year of wealth-building…laughing


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