Most Eye-opening day in my career

Forget about Google’s latest innovation. All those talks about crazy technologies, hologram phones, etc…

Think that is jaw dropping? Well, perhaps I’ve been working in digital for so long, I’m immune; or that I am now more intrigued over heated conversations about stretch targets that spiral into shouting matches.

Today marks the most whimsical day in my career in the corporate world, where ‘walk-offs’, foul-word exchanges and slamming has become innovation to me.

Where do you find the balance between showing your channel can grow vastly quicker than others and committing to achieving a stretch? Beats me…

Ask me what my role is? Somewhere between a BA and a digital marketer. But certainly not a Search Marketing guru!

From where I first landed my first job and where I am now, who would’ve thought?

After all, my parents right. I never stop at any heights and never let anyone dictate (or suggest) my capacity.

A true, but kinda confused, Perfectionist.


2 thoughts on “Most Eye-opening day in my career

  1. I did nothing other than trying hard to ‘not set us up for failure’ but I guess, some are less risk adverse than others. “If you don’t want these targets then you might need to resign and go to another place.”You reach for the stars and you cross your fingers that you’ll touch the moon.


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