Skippy | my heart is broken

image1958675546.jpgI had just got back from the Gladesville police station to report my minor collision that happened in the morning on Epping Rd but during which no one had stopped to exchange details, when, I got a call from Mum in HK…

“I just need to tell you something.”

“Hi mum, yah… what’s up?”

“Skippy got bitten by a big dog and has gone through surgery. Auntie Louise has just called me to let me know and I wanted to let you know that. He isn’t doing so well and his skin is not closing up so they may need to operate on him again tomorrow….”

[I reacted calmly. Surely, it wasn’t my lucky day, was it?]

After entertaining guests at my house calmy composed, during 3 hour chat when the topic of pets became somehow a discussion in and out, I broke down into fierce sobbing.

Willie asked, “What’s wrong, babe? please share with me.”

In my most courageous voice, I wailed, “Skippy is lying in hospital. He got bitten by a dog…”

I nearly fainted as I collapsed into Willie’s arms.

Without Willie’s calm, I could’ve passed out last night. I can’t thank him more for his empathy, patience, support and direction.

Nothing so traumatic has happened to me in life yet so I’m pretty shaken up.

Today, I met Cassie at the Animal Hospital where I saw Skippy in the flesh, literally.

Was I heartbroken??

He was a brave little dog still wagging his tail, smiling bravely at me.

He went in for a second operation. Apparently, he’s recovered alot since the first time the vet saw him a few days ago. So I can’t imagine what it was like post-trauma, let alone thoughts of those who lose loved ones in much more painful circumstances.

I later learnt he had actually been bitten by, what his guardian of now 3 years recounted, TWO big black dogs who came out of nowhere as they were walking around the neighbourhood.

My heart is broken but the shattered pieces go out to all of those who have lost loved ones/lives in accidents or mishaps.

Clearly, yesterday was not my day.


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