My second job | Bakery Story

So, Miko got me hooked on this iPhone/iPad app game that is all about building a bakery store. At first, I was skeptical on whether I would really spend time on this. Afterall, it’s not like I haven’t got enough to do, let alone spending time clicking on my iPhone/iPad. Obviously, my friend knows me well. She said it was addictive and now, that’s an understatement. I have two separate shops running. One on my iPad and the other on my iPhone – both operating under the name ‘Lil Miss Sweets’.

Today, it was got so out of control that I had to take my iPad out with me because I needed to ‘serve’ a few dishes that I had spent ‘cooking’ overnight  I knew that if I didn’t bring my iPad out when I was out in Chatswood today, I would come back to see the overnight wait go to waste.  So, while I was out shopping, I had to stop by to connect my iPad to my iPhone hot spot and hit ‘serve’ when they were ready.  Ok, so you get the idea….  It’s obscene, this addiction, huh?

I once had a business idea of selling little burgers, or what is known in the States as ‘sliders’, during the hype of these cupcake shops.  I would call it ‘Lil’ Miss Burgers’ and it basically, it was the idea of selling mini bite-size burgers in dozens, all healthy ingredients, targeting North Shore mothers who were time poor.  They would sell like hot cakes during after school hours when all the kids demanded after school snacks.  Well, given that didn’t come to fruition, this game is like living my dream virtually.

It’s not easy, I tell you.  You have to be pretty strategic, thinking about how to use your cash and when to make your coffee and cakes.  Some take 5 minutes and others can take up to days to make – yes, in real time!  So, you basically have to plan out your day around when you can access your iPad and iPhone because once the food is ready, you gotta serve them in time before they go off!  What a genius!

My iPhone shop below showing only one customer heartbroken…why?  Clearly I’m still an amateur…

Next is my iPad one, doing much better, with customers flowing in and out.  Maybe it’s the additional decorations?  Who knows?

Anyways, this goes to show that I have absolutely no issue with keeping myself busy.

Since I left the workforce, I’ve had several calls seeking me to fill great opportunities.  It’s very flattering and at times, tempting.  However, at this moment in time, I’m happy to give great opportunities a miss….happy to run two virtual bakery stores while being full time mum.  Insane.


2 thoughts on “My second job | Bakery Story

  1. I was so addicted to this! It was “restaurant story” i couldn’t get enough of – but I think why your iphone cafe isn’t working is cos people can’t get into the tables? Maybe you need to leave a space so customers can “shuffle” across… Hope you’re well babe, missing you!


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