Flying Sky High with Favourite Neighbours

Our favourite neighbour on 17 Kinsellas, the Lally’s, has decided to move back to Brisbane because Di has had a job offer that is too good to refuse. We’re very happy for them but sad to see them go at the same time.

Di had to fly back to Brisbane first to start her new job while Dan was left behind for another three weeks to do the packing. In the last and past 3 weeks of Dan’s stay, it has been a fruitful mixture of getting to know each other better via rummaging through hand-me-downs, having Dan stay overnight on the last few days when all that was left in the house was a toilet bowl to sit on, having Dan teach me how to fly a 172 on his simulator and a final emotional goodbye.

We can’t wish for better neighbours than the Lallys. Call me judgemental but I don’t think they’re replaceable.

On saying out, their place is all decked up now and I have no doubt it’ll sell for a great price with much attraction. Check it out.

We miss you guys!


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