Congrats to the Geraghty family!

I’m so glad we didn’t push out the baby shower any later than what we did.

Abigail Mei Luen Geraghty was born on 25th August, 5 days earlier than her expected due date!

I was meant to dedicated a little post to the Baby Shower festivities we had at the Park Hyatt, but now that the little Princes is out, the focus has obviously changed!

Here’s a few pics of Isa’s beautiful Baby Shower. It was a beautiful day and a great get together with friends over high tea. I can’t say I did a brilliant job of organising the Baby Shower but I’m glad I managed to pull it together! I hope everyone enjoyed it. Here are a few pics.

[I can’t wait to recover from this nasty cold I have so I can go and little Abigail in my arms. Somehow, holding a newborn, especially little girls brings so much joy nowadays!]


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