Congratulations to ViDM

 A very proud wife I am.  To see you and Josh go through this journey together.

It hasn’t been easy sailing but it has definitely yielded fantastic results and great achievements.

It’s amazing to see the strength that you both have, both physical and emotional.  It’s admirable to see the friendships you both have developed.  With one another and with the others in the business.

Amplify, as I remember 7 years ago, was one of the leaders in SEO.  Together with the help of Tom Petryshen, the Founder, and ViDM, you guys have now expanded into all areas of Digital.

As your wife, as your supporter, words cannot describe how proud I am of all of you.

Well done!

I can’t wait to see you guys hit new heights in your new venture.

Read the story here!




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