Life as a Mummapreneur

Since entering into our partnership to build Mr Mysterious 12 weeks ago, Theresa and I have made more progress than I have done alone in the past 6 months. Cudos to that girl for driving me forward in some weird way.

Life as a mummapreneur means you’re never really engaged in down time. Whatever spare waking hours you have, you’re either thinking about the business or thinking about the business. I have a new appreciation for my parents, who ran their own business, while James and I were complaining about wanting a ‘stay-at-home’ mum. It’s tough.

Nowadays, it’s even tougher on the expectations front. Thanks to modern technology. Did my parents have to worry about missing a call or email on the weekends? Well, only if they had special powers to hear the land line ring in the office. While it’s great to have the flexibility of working on the road with all these smart-devices, it also comes with an expectation. You can’t say you weren’t in the office when it’s virtually everywhere you go!

I don’t think they could even work on weekends even if they had wanted to. Not to say that they weren’t thinking about their business 24/7, it’s just that slight bit more stressful when the demand for immediate response is just there. Suppliers, customers and even friends.

Which leads me to the personal front, even friends have expectations that you will respond on Email, Whatsapp, WeChat, iMessage, Skype, GoogleTalk, YahooMessenger, Viber, Facebook Messaging, Twitter Direct Messages….let’s not even start on ‘Comments’ on the likes of Instagram, Google+ and Facebook.

There, I just counted 10 messaging platforms that blasts constant alerts on my iPhone. One wonders why you would even want a device that adds to the demands of life.

Some days, when the phone is off for reasons such as a dead battery (not that you’d ever dare to switch it off!), you realise how much more you can accomplish in your waking hours. Sure, it means you might miss out on a few messages or last-minute invitations, but man, it can be a great detox for the brain and the fingers.

Now, going back to the topic of business, my point here is that when you run a small e-Commerce business online, what I have mentioned above as your personal messaging avenues, literally DOUBLE. You just have to deal with one extra username on ALL FRONTS!

That’s the life of a small entrepreneur. Add the ‘Mumma’ prefix…enough said.


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