Finally…… Soft Launch | Mr Mysterious

One thing’s for sure. God has been very clear with His Divine guidance on the building of brand, Mr Mysterious. For me, Mr Mysterious is more than just building a business, it is character building. Literally.

At every corner I turn, I face a crossroad. At every crossroad, I am bemused to find that some one will take me on a route that is adventurous, yet meaningful and helpful to my business. I have no doubt that every single entrepreneur has felt they’ve walked the same journey. I do, however, truly believe that mine was paved in a way to remind me of God’s presence.

From an idea that evolved 3 years ago, to all the challenges I’ve faced, to today, I look back with no regrets.

Today, I present to the world Mr Mysterious on Facebook and all social media platforms. So far, I have been blessed with supportive friends and family who have helped promote the page. I hope that in the near future, it will be the support of the globe that will keep Mr Mysterious running.

At the end of the day, I wonder if anyone truly knows who Mr Mysterious? I’ll give you a hint. I’ve mentioned Him (😉) throughout my post. The One and Only Mr Mysterious who promotes all the values that the brand does.

Thank you, my dearest husband, my brother and my parents for your eternal support. I could not have done any of this without you all.

From this day onwards, I’m going to remind myself to enjoy the journey and not to worry too much about the outcomes, especially the monetary needs of the business. I want everyone to get a chance to know Mr Mysterious.



2 thoughts on “Finally…… Soft Launch | Mr Mysterious

    • Hi tbistoner,

      There’s an option within WordPress for you to upload the .xml file. It can be found in the Dashboard section under:
      1. Import
      2. Xanga.

      Back when I did it, the only thing is that the import does not change the image URLs to point back to WordPress servers, which means the URL’s for photos still references Xanga servers. In the event that Xanga’s servers shut down or your account in Xanga is shut down, WordPress posts will not show those photos.

      I am not sure if this has since been improved or changed. Have a go at it!

      I love using WordPress and even though I do miss the Xanga community, WordPress does make blogging easier for me.

      Good luck!



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