Mysterical | Mr Mysterious


That’s what I have been doing over the last few weeks. Any extra time I have, I have poured into Mr Mysterious makings.

In between my day job, running around after Seth, preparing Seth for big school, house chores and household operations, my digital consulting gig, I’m not sure I can squeeze more time into Mr Mysterious. But I have and I will.

– Product development
– R&D
– Design (yes, hand crafting products)
– Accounting and finance
– Mail boy & post office runs
– Social media platforms, brand and online marketing
– Photoshoot & model casting, photoshoot briefs and creative concept ing
– Web development, content curation and content uploading
– Copywriting and legal T’s&C’s
– Packaging and negotiating with fellow China men
– PR and outreach strategy

I get asked far too often how I fit everything into my life…. I don’t know…

It’s Mysterical… Or simply, for those who are religiously curious… It’s God who gives me strength.

Pray and seek Him. You will find time for yourself and others.



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