Mr Mysterious Photoshoot

Fun, fun and more fun. That’s all I can say about this photoshoot. And that’s what Mr Mysterious is all about. Unleashing curiosity and exploring. For me, it is. And I hope this is how it will transcend through the brand.

Of course, it’s not easy and it’s never as glamourous as it looks. For those who are in the industry, you will know and for those who aren’t, I won’t pretend it is. There was obviously a lot of preparation beforehand, including model castings, briefing the crew on the day while we frantically rush through makeup and lunch, not to mention the traffic that we all had to fight through to make an early-ish start. To ensure we made the most of the day and that we could fit everything in, a lot of work had already gone into concept creation, mood board creations, logistics planning etc.

However, after all the planning work is done, all that is left is to enjoy! It’s all in the attitude. And boy, did everyone have the right attitude! The crew was pumped and everyone exerted a curious and mysterious edge. We explored different looks and styles, we played and we had fun.

I have to thank Martha Mok for all of her help. She’s not just a HMUA, she’s a great creative director and a great friend. Without her, the day would not have gone so smoothly. (And yes, I do like the fact that her initials coincide beautifully with Mr Mysterious. In fact, her attitude to life is just what Mr Mysterious represents.)

Some behind the scenes pics….can’t wait to see the final shots!



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