Emerge Digital X’mas Celebrations | Boat Party and Karaoke

One of the perks of working in media are the awesome parties we get to attend, or throw ourselves. I’m proud to be part of such a great team at Emerge Digital. There’s nothing I would change about this place’s culture. We all put in our best efforts to create the best culture and working environment that we like. It doesn’t matter whether you are a junior staff or the highest paid executive, everyone’s ideas get a fair chance, and there is obviously no shortage of passion when it comes to organising fun events.

The funniest highlight of the day, I must admit, is how Remiko and I got the same Secret Santa present. What are the chances? We both got a Little Miss Chatterbox mug from our Secret Santa’s. Ironically, Remiko was my Secret Santa and it never crossed my mind. I kept asking everyone BUT Remiko if they were my Secret Santa. And I kept turning to Miko saying, “This is a joke. Someone planned this.” Little did I know that Miko was wondering who her Secret Santa was who bought the exact same present she got me. Turns out, it was my brother, James!

Thanks to the fun committee, we all enjoyed a 4 hour boat party, which ended way too quickly and the night ended with crazy drunks screaming into microphones at Karaoke.






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