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Why mornings (whether you are at your work desk or running kids drop-offs) should not be sad.

Personally, I love having a jar of Chia ‘gel’ in the fridge, ready to add into cereal or yoghurt. Great way to hydrate the body and keep the fibre intake high! Chia seeds, when consumed dry, will need to draw water from your body for digestion, which actually dehydrates the body (I find) before it turns into bulk and fibre for the bowels to pass. So, best to prepare Chia ‘gel’, which already has the hydration it needs, which your body can easily digest.

1 x tablespoon of dry chia seeds
Put chia seeds into 750mL Mason jar
Fill Mason jar with water and leave to settle in the Mason jar with lid on.
Shake jar every 10 minutes for 3 times.
After 30 minutes, keep in fridge to cool.



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