It All Starts with Prioritisation | Happy Yoga-ing!

I’m 25 weeks pregnant and making sure I stay fit by sticking with my yoga practice. At the beginning, I had aimed to do this daily but with a 5 year old to care for, playing single mum almost half the time (with my hubby travelling so much) and working, I’m lucky to be able to prioritise 3-4 practices in a week.

I do not use the word ‘prioritise‘ loosely either. The truth is that there is never enough time for everything if you don’t prioritise and plan your day. So, if you are finding it hard to ‘fit in’ things in your life, you’ve simply ‘DE-prioritised’ them. Trust me on this…although it has taken me years to learn this. Try it for yourself.

Plan your day by prioritising the things that are important to you, followed by things that are pressing and finally, things that have been sitting on the ‘to-do’ list for a while. Number one rule: NO PROCASTINATION. STICK TO YOUR SCHEDULE, because even if you do, some things will already fall out of plan naturally. But if you don’t stick to the schedule, you’ll end up building that ‘to-do’ list. Now, challenge yourself to that and once you get used to it, you will find a good balance in being able to prioritise the boring with the fun.

And for most of us, balance is key. When you can balance your life, physically and emotionally, you feel good.

Ok, so back to my prenatal yoga…

I’m so glad I am sticking with my practice and getting stronger as I get heavier. The best thing about it is that, while I can’t train my core, my upper body and legs are benefitting from the additional weight I am training with. It means that I will come out of my pregnancy with nice and strong arms and legs. Winning!

Not only that… Pregnancy hormones help relax the ligaments so that, with caution of course, it’s easier to get into poses that I used to require hyper-flexibility but now, easier with the looser ligaments. Again, another benefit for me once I come out of pregnancy. Increased flexibility and muscle suppleness.

For all of you out there, pregnant or not, remember to find ‘balance’ through prioritisation and, of course, happy yoga-ing!

Signed with Love… Josephine
The Christian Yogi


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