Baby Shower Tips | Carol’s at Sheraton at the Park

It’s probably fair to say that I’ve earnt the title of ‘Designated (last minute) Baby Shower Organiser’.

It does seem that I’ve gotten more and more familiar with throwing these little showers. I can’t say I throw the best parties but you know, if you don’t know who to call at the very last minute and don’t want to make a huge fuss of it all, I’m best at throwing the mediocre memorable celebrations. Ha!

This is the 3rd baby shower I’ve thrown in the past 2 years and although it doesn’t sound like a lot, I’m sure there are more to come. As long as the crowd is different each time, the games sheet works wonders. They are the 3 simple games that people love and add spice to the event.

1. Fill 4 nappies with baby food. For each nappy, give players 4 options to choose from. The photos of the players smelling the nappies are always the best!

2. Get a nice big roll of ribbon or baker’s twine. Pass it around and get everyone to cut the length of their guess on the mum-to-be’s belly circumference. Give them labels to label the string. Get mum-to-be to measure herself. Then, compare who was the closest. It’s hilarious to see how non-mums somehow think the bellies are the size of obese giants! The mum-to-be also gets to keep that string as a keepsake!

3. This is a bit unconventional and you might need to think twice about playing this, especially if the mother-in-law is there! PORN or LABOUR it is called. Print out several photos if porn faces mixed with labour faces. The trick is to print them out in black and white so that the make up on porn stars don’t give it away. The most popular game by far! But watch out when pulling those photos. I did them late after work in the office and gosh, did I get some looks when I forgot to turn the volume of my laptop down!

Lastly, for keepsakes:
1. Simple Bon Bonnières, like pink/blue and white M&M’s in tiny jars
2. A keepsake scrapbook where everyone on the day gets to contribute.

For anyone who is fishing for simple and do-able ideas, these were the sites I used:

Custom Stickers and Jars for the Bon bons:
Pink Frosting

You can also get jars in Kmart – $3 for 4

Scrapbook for keepsake book from Kmart – $5.50. This one is great because you can pull the individual pages out from the plastic sleeves so that everyone can write at the same time rather than having to pass the book around. Comes to 10 sleeves with acid-free paper. Additional sleeves at $3 per 10.


M&M’s to fill Bon Bon jars:
Candy Bars Sydney
They deliver within 2 days if metro Sydney! That really solved my last minute problem.


Alternatively, if you are after something a bit different to fill the Bon Bon, try the Mini Gems from The Cookie Man. The guests loved these.



Last but not least, I love these adorable Sashes for Mum/Grandma-to-be:
The Baby Shower Emporium


Thank you, Carol, for having me a part of this wonderful celebration of yours. I can’t wait to see your little one!




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