Why I’m not a “true yogi”

Can’t agree more!

Yoga & Joyful Living

I’ve come across an article that cheekily asks:

Are you obsessed with yoga? Are you a true yogi?

If in doubt, some guidance is being offered (as any psychologist will confirm, the person affected by an obsession is usually the last one to realise, so yes, we’re being thankful here!). Please, peruse with me the list that left me in a state of shock and inner turmoil. Why?

Well, as it turns out, I’m not a true yogi at all. Not a bit. I’m feeling awfully sorry for myself just now, but I’m working on it. Promise.

This bike must belong to a "true yogi". This bike belongs to a “true yogi”. How can you tell? Read below.

So according to the list, to become a true yogiI should do the following:

  • Tuck my non-toxic yoga mat under my arm every time I leave the house. Sorry guys, but I practise at home. Every…

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