Pregnancy Journal | Weeks 36-37

As my hubby would say, “You’re now in the window!”

Yup, I am! And I can’t be happier that I’m so close to being able to pop.

I’m very proud that I’ve been able to work up till 37 weeks; 1 more week than my previous pregnancy. I’ve only put on half the weight that I did last time. I’m keeping up with yoga flow. Finally, I’m still able to book in pamper treatments and drag myself to the appointments! With my last pregnancy, I was a full time couch potato by around 30 weeks and doing nothing but eating and sleeping (working only mornings from home).

Obviously, at 37 weeks pregnant, everything is a chore. Even turning up to the lash extension appointment is. But I can’t be more pleased with all these treatments and the feeling of them all when you walk out of the salon feeling, ‘Oh so good (or, pretty!)’.

In this post, I want to thank Mijung Cha at Navilash for giving me these wonderful eyelash extensions. Mijung is just amazing. Not just at what she does but being able to take into account the needs of a pregnant woman, who can’t lie on her back for 1 hour. I was able to lie on my side and turn every now and then during the hour-long treatment but Mijung still did a flawless job. So for those looking for a pregnancy pamper treatment, I highly recommend this. I mean, who has time to put on mascara when you’re breastfeeding in the first week after the baby is born? These lashes last for 4-6 weeks, dependent on how you look after them, of course. That’s pretty awesome!





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