Superfoods, Raw Foods & Smoothies | The NutriBullet

After 4 months, I finally unboxed my birthday gift from my Darling Husband. I’ve been holding off opening this gift, as I was feeling sluggish and crap in the last 3 months of pregnancy and I didn’t want to spoil the experience. I then had to sit through 1 month of postpartum confinement whereby all I could eat were traditional Chinese ‘warm’ foods, i.e. No raw and cold foods.

This week I’m super excited that I get to go back to my superfoods and healthy living. already loving this NutriBullet. I can’t wait to try out different recipes!

Also started #KaylaItsines #BBG challenge. Feeling great 6 weeks postpartum.

Thanking my mum and dad for looking after me and the fam.
Thanking Dear Hubby for putting together my training schedule and your support.
Thanking our Heavenly Father almighty for all Your blessings.
#feelingthankful #countyourblessings #healthyliving #rawfoods #berrysmoothie






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