YuWong Baby BBQ | Baby Shower Ideas

It was explicitly stated that it isn’t a “baby shower” per se. But it is somewhat, still, of a celebration for the soon-coming of a baby. I quite like the idea, actually. It does feel a little unfair that hubbies and men miss out on the traditional baby shower celebrations. So a BBQ/Paella day with all the boys and girls is an awesome idea. 

You can always trust my BFF, Remiko (Miko) and her man (Warren), to host the best celebrations with the biggest crowds. Who would have thought we could move an outdoor party into Miko’s house for 50 people? But they managed. They always do. 

It was an awesome idea to get the Paella Guy to come and cook up a storm. There was plenty of food, lots of laughs and great company.  We had an amazing time. And it all worked out well that they moved the party indoors so everyone could watch the ‘Fight of the Century’ between Manny and Floyd. 

On a side note, I have become the Baby Shower queen. I think I can score a Hollywood movie like ‘The Bridesmaid’ where I am the go-to host for girlfriend’s baby showers. So, needless to say, I have become quite familiar with making Bonbonnieres and preparing the decorations for these events. This one, though, was by far the most decked up Bonbonnieres that I’ve created. 

For those who are interested, I got my favours and deco from www.PinkFrosting.com.au. I always like to add a special touch by customising stickers to add to the favours. One tip is to ensure you order at least on month in advance. My experience tells me that you need that buffer in case they are low on stock or need to ask further questions on your customisations and to add a bit of buffer for delivery and finally, actually sitting down and making the Bonbons. 

Here are some ideas: 

         Milk bottles with Gem Cookies

Cookie cutters

Tea leave strainer 

Milk bottles in tiny glass jars 

Hope you enjoyed it, Miko! 

I can’t wait to meet baby Yu-Wong and I am so looking forward to seeing our kids grow up together.

With Love xx


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