How a Holy Yogi becomes a First Aider, too! | First Aid Institute of Australia

As part of my Yoga Instructor requirements, I need to receive the ‘Provide First Aid’ training course.

I did it! I’m a first aider. And the funniest thing is that I have gone full circle back to my university days of medical science. I didn’t think there would be much of a career out of a being a paramedic/forensic scientist. And today, ironically, I’m having to complete the First Aider training.  How God plans our lives sometimes….

Today was lots of fun.  For those considering getting this training, I actually highly recommend it. If not the intensive version, at the the CPR one.  It may never come in handy but when it does, it can save lives.  Now, that’s meaningful…

Let’s just hope I’ll never have to use these skills for the reasons I needed to do it (i.e. in my yoga classes! :p )

P.S,, my key sharing here is DRS ABCD.



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