Your life’s calling will come from your GREATEST WOUND | Holy Yoga Classes

In my Holy Yoga class today, the focus was taken from the 30-day devotional book written by my friend, Rachel Tucker. Rachel and I had met some time ago in the blogosphere.

We then found themselves seated next to one another in my Holy Yoga summer retreat in Minnesota! Today, I had a student join my class from Charlotte, South Carolina. It’s amazing how God connects us and how Holy Yoga builds community! Come join my classes in the Sydney North Shore area!

This month of August, we are focussing on ‘passion with purpose’, our intention for today’s class was:

“God, pick up the pieces.  Put me back together.  YOU are my praise.”  ~Jeremiah 17: 14


God has a purpose in every life. Is your purpose fulfilling what YOU want? Or what He would want for you? You are loved and He would know what’s best for you. So, take a moment to be still and hear what He has to say. In fact, do this regularly, do it often. 

A lot of the time, it is when one is lost that he/she finds His purpose for him/her. That’s because it is during those times when we call for help and actually listen. That may not always be the case but “being still” is how we can try to hear. Holy Yoga offers us a time to connect with God and find peace, to seek out our purpose in Him.



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