‘WHO’ Inspires You to Be Free | Instagram Challenge 

  On day 3 of the ‪#‎EmpowerRestoreSetFree‬ #InstagramChallenge is to share who inspires you into deeper #freedom.I have the blessing of sharing this special friend of mine, (Instagram: @biggestwillie).  He’s my best friend and yes, he’s my husband.  Not only does he inspire me to find greater freedom in my spiritual life, he physically gives me the #freedom to allow me to do what I want:

  1. by looking after the children at home
  2. by reminding me to free myself from anxiety and stress
  3. by reminding me about the blessings in life
  4. just through his words of encouragement

He lifts me up when I fall.  God has made us the perfect match.  Thank you, my #specialfriend!

It would feel so lonely and isolated to be ‘trapped’ under your own skin, perhaps with little or NO FRIENDS at all.  Can you stop and imagine, for a second, what it would feel like to be so lonely and isolated?  Trauma victims often experience these feelings of isolation.  Please consider donating to Holy Yoga’s International mission to help bring Holy Yoga to these trauma victims.  We have HOPE for them.