‘HOW’ Do You Inspire Others Toward Freedom? | Instagram Challenge

Day 4 of the #EmpowerRestoreSetFree #InstagramChallenge asks us to share how we inspire others towards #freedom.  For me, it’s one word: PATIENCE.
By being patient on the receiving end of everything towards others, whether this be hearing someone out, allowing others to do things freely without imposing your own perspective or opinion, allowing others to make their own choices, allowing others to just be themselves and finally, allowing them to learn is all part of being patient.  It’s not necessarily the easiest thing but I try my best this way.

And ‘patience’ was my father’s motto (Ephesians 4:1).  Something he had taught me at a young age.  I have been very blessed to b  e brought up by my father who has practised discipleship for long enough in his life that has made him a good witness to me and my family.  I pray that I continue to grow and get better with this, to inspire #freedom to others.

Holy Yoga International missionaries inspire freedom by bringing the Word of God and yoga to trauma survivors, to help them find healing and freedom through Jesus and yoga.  Help us inspire freedom by donating to our #indiegogo campaign http://igg.me/at/EmpowerRestoreSetFree/x/11015654


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