Pray for Paris | #prayforparis


I am an avid social media user and today, after the Paris attacks, when the world is supposed to stand together in unity and compassion, I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed and have not seen more Christian (or religious) persecution than ever before.  All because of the hashtag that starts with the word ‘pray‘. Not only has the world lost humanity, it has lost compassion.  It has become a self-righteous world where people voicing their own opinions is more important than compassion for the sufferings in the world.  I have seen posts that outwardly oppose the hashtag, further stating the importance of #DONTprayforParis  because “We don’t need more religion in this world“.

Christians seek unity in Christ but we should not condemn.  We should not judge.  We should not attempt to be God.  We trust in God.  We seek Him for guidance.  We trust in Him.  We are taught by the Scriptures to continue pouring out Love.  Love even to those who persecute you.  So, today, I do not take a stance against anyone nor any religion.   It is not an opinion.  In fact, I shy away from having one because I don’t think it’s constructive.  I fix my gaze on Jesus.  I pray for mercy on those who need it.  I pray for healing for those who are suffering.  I pray that the world will not be tempted by evil. I pray that forgiveness descends upon us fast; in a miraculous way.  In the same miraculous way that I have experienced the wave of liberty when forgiveness descends upon you when Jesus touches your heart.  I pray that Jesus will touch hearts.  I know what bitterness feels like but I also know how bitterness can be washed out.  LOVE is the word.  LOVE is the deed.

Join me in prayer, will you?  Now here’s a new hashtag #notjustforParis

STOP NOW and join Holy Yoga Australia in prayer:
“Lord, Father God, we pray for today’s horrible attacks in Paris. We lift up all the victims, those who are suffering, those who are in fear and their loved ones to You. Father, You are a gracious God. May you have mercy on those who need it right now. Please, Lord God. We don’t understand and don’t seek the understanding. We ask for Your guidance through this painful time for the world. Please give the affected courage, strength and Your love. Let not this turn into more hatred. Let humanity humble themselves before You and turn away from evil. Only love will see us through times like this. Jesus, please send the Holy Spirit to touch hearts and work miracles. Bless all the affected and their families. Please keep our families in You safe. Your name is power, Jesus. Amen “

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