Efficient Media is ONE!

Happy Birthday, Efficient Media!

Efficient Media

Efficient Media Turns One Today!

Let me take a look down memory lane 12 months ago…

Timothy (Timmy) and I were walking down the narrow streets of Surry Hills, looking for a café to discuss the next steps for our careers amidst a raft of changes that had happened in respective career paths; Timmy ending his tenure as Head of Media in Amplify and me seeking yet again another entrepreneurship opportunity.  This time round, the opportunity looked a lot more promising.  The opportunity in discussion with Timmy was a boutique digital marketing agency that we could call our own.  One that would help businesses with a true passion without any red tape or limitations that a large digital media agency would be bound by.

We found a café near Holt Street, where the Newscorp headquarters were, sat down and mapped out our long term vision of this opportunity together.  Having been through rounds of business partnerships in my past ventures, I am thankful to have gone through the pitfalls and was clear on what I had to be cautious of.

Timmy and I have been working together for 4 years now.  We can comfortably admit to each other’s flaws and work to each other’s strengths.  I was certainly very comfortable entering in this partnership.  Nonetheless, there was a part of me that was nervous that my hopes would not be reciprocated.

We left the café with an optimistic outlook and gave each other some time to assess this partnerships.  By this time, Timmy had already been setting up Efficient Media and it was more about my involvement in the business and whether he would extend the invitation for partnering with me.  I was hoping so.  The rest is history….


Today, Timmy and I celebrate Efficient Media’s 1st birthday.  Needless to say, Timmy fulfilled my hopes by accepting our partnership proposal.  

(Now, there’s the running joke that I’m his ‘work wife’.  Truth be told, we do make a great business partnership.  To veer away from any awkwardness, I would like to term it more like a sibling relationship but without the bickering.)

In the past year, Timmy has been the face, the man, the driving force of Efficient Media.  I am just proud to be able to support him and be part of this team.  There have been challenging times which we both thought would bring EM to an early death but we’ve rode it through.  God has blessed this venture so far.

We are proud of our achievements and thankful for the EM journey.  We also want to take this opportunity to those who have supported us along the way.  Firstly to our respective spouses, for allowing us to stay up after hours on those days where if it was a corporate job, we would probably left it till the next day.  Secondly, to all our friends who have given us their mental and business support. Thirdly, to our family members who have believed in us.  Lastly and very importantly, our clients who have entrusted us with their money, business and ideas.

Timmy and I are confident that the road ahead of us is bright.  As with any entrepreneur, we can never be sure of the next turn, the next big thing and the next big fall.  Nonetheless, we will always strive to put our best foot forward and to throw courage into Efficient Media, upholding our integrity and values as a priority – Efficiency, Honesty, Results.

For more info about Efficient Media, visit www.efficientmedia.com.au




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