Holy Yoga Australia LIVE on Chinese Radio

I’m so very honoured to be invited on the radio talk show “Rainbow Connection” hosted by The Media Evangelism on FM 96.1 Chinese Radio Network to talk about Holy Yoga, discuss the benefits of Holy Yoga and share my experience building this ministry.

[It’s a Cantonese show so calling all Cantonese speakers out there!]

We will also cover topics such as:

  1. Why Christians can and should practise yoga.
  2. The spiritual benefits of Holy Yoga.
  3. Physical limitations, if any
  4. Difference between Holy Yoga and other forms of yoga

There will also be a LIVE Q&A.  If you have any questions about Holy Yoga, this is a great opportunity for to call in and ask the questions that have been burning on your mind.

In addition to that, all callers will stand a chance to receive a 3-month Holy Yoga Australia pass for FREE, which gives you unlimited access to my classes!

Tune in to FM 96.1 Chinese Radio and hope to hear from you!



2月23日晚上9時至11時(雪梨夏令時間)請你把收音機調較至FM91.6 2CR澳洲中文廣播電台收聽《星光伴彩虹》現場直播。

Josephine Lau (Jo) 澳洲福音瑜珈 Holy Yoga Australia專業教師, 受邀出席2月23日《星光伴彩虹》
節目擔任專訪嘉賓。屆時聽眾將可以更詳細了解福音瑜珈 Holy Yoga
準時晚上9點 2CR FM91.6 空氣中相遇!

20160221_2CR Chinese Flyer20160221_2CR English Flyer



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