Jesus for President

I’m not American so I have very little vested interested with the politics in that country, apart from the fact that I will hear of the subject from my Sociologist and Economist husband. But this post written by a dear friend of mine stole my attention. And now, I have a vested interest with who’s running for Presidency for the UNIVERSE.


Confession: I’ve never cared much for politics.  I don’t even like to identify myself as belonging to a certain party.  The truth is, there are bits and pieces of both I agree with.  And bits and pieces I disagree with.

I do believe in voting and think it is a privilege to have a say in who is elected.  There are still countries around the world where “democracy” is considered a bad word.  The freedom we have in the good ole’ US of A is a gift.

What little time I’ve spent on social media lately has been overrun with political thoughts, articles, claims to abandon the US if so & so is elected, etc.  Again-we have the freedom of opinion and can say what we think without endangering our lives.

But there’s a theme in what I’m seeing/reading…and it’s fear.

I have questions and concerns of my own.  And the two people I would have chosen as our next President…

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