Progress or Perfection? Take a vote.


Are you always waiting for the ‘perfect time’, ‘perfect place’, ‘perfect person’, ‘perfect job’, ‘perfect opportunity’…that “perfect” something? Well, here’s the thing.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Celebrate PROGRESS!

As an entrepreneur who has dipped into several ventures, I know first hand how ‘being perfect’ can stand in the way of things. In fact, one of my biggest learnings is to STOP waiting for the “perfects”. Not only that, but not forgetting to rejoice in PROGRESS.

With my first start-up, I had spent more time writing up the perfect business plan and finding holes in the plan than the business’ life span itself!  I thought about all the different scenarios that could happen and made sure I had them covered.  I treated it like I was running a multimillion dollar business when I hadn’t even kicked off!  Low and behold, my favourite Mark Twain quote was the nail on that business’ coffin.

“I am an old man now and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” ~ Mark Twain

That was a perfectly failed business.  To be fair, I also took all of the corporate processes and knowledge and tried to apply it to a little start up.  Most of which were not practical.  But with that learning and experience, it prepped me for the success of my next business venture…and now, my ministry.  All along, progressing..

God has it in His plan EVERY STEP of the way. As long as we seek Him along our journey of whatever we are trying to achieve, we are in good hands. Rejoice in the progress, friends!  Other than God, nothing and no one is perfect.

Now, I’ve got a dear sister Fideliz Cruz to thank here for this post, to remind me of this yesterday. Sometimes, we know all of this but it’s always good to be lifted up and be inspired by friends. Lift a friend up today!