32 days into Lent | Lent 2016


During this season of Lent I chose not to just ‘give UP’ coffee (my daily routine and comfort), I chose to ‘give IN’ to Jesus. 32 days it has been and it hasn’t been easy.

  1. What was the goal? To feel a deeper connection with Christ and feel a transformation, helping me learn to replace my ‘willpower’ with a ‘willingness’ to follow.
  2. How have I been feeling in the past 32 days? Oscillating between {frustration and self-righteousness} AND {empowered and needing God’s grace}
  3. How am I feeling now? CHALLENGED but as always, peaceful.
  4. Has it transformed me? Not yet. Not in a way that I had hoped.
  5. Why not? There’s still a voice in my head playing that ‘I’ can do it. Pride is still lingering in me. I am falling short and I want to feel completely humbled.
  6. What am I going do then? Keep praying, holding in faith, keep praying.

Jesus, it is YOU who gives me strength. Not my own doing. Help me and build me to let this Truth sink in over the last 8 days of Lent.