Chair Yoga at Wesley Mission

Thank you, Wesley Mission! Let’s all ‪#‎growyoung‬!

I walked into class last week when the Program Coordinator said to me, “Jo, we have some folks from the team coming to film you later to share your experience. Is that ok?” (Something like that).
In my mind immediately.. “Whooooaaa? What am I wearing? Do I look ok today??”
“Of course, sure!” I responded, all awhile convincing myself I will be fine.
Then it dawned on me… Why do I do what I do? It’s not about me… It’s about community and helping others and if I stay true to that, all will take shape. Relax, Jo. Chill out.
And as it turns out, it was super fun! And thank you to the amazing team at Wesley for allowing me to be part of this #growyoung movement. All I ask is that I will be reminded in my senior years of ageing gracefully, too.


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