Right & Wrong Yoga Poses Series

What started off as an Instagram Challenge to ‘Spring clean’ our yoga poses became a sensation for myself and my Instagram account followers. I think this series was awesome because it’s not just posting up Instragram photos of challenging or contortionist poses (not that I can get into many!) but it encourages ‘learning’ for everyone. For myself and for my students.

I received some great feedback on the benefits of doing a ‘right’ versus ‘wrong’ side by side comparison of yoga poses. Some even requested it for specific poses. With the wide-gained interest, I’m considering making this a regular thing for those who enjoy my content.

Also important to this challenge is the very fact that I learnt so much about my posture and my chronic holding patterns. It came about from looking at the photos I took of myself and making minor adjustments to start feeling the smallest of muscles again. Something that brought memories to my first yoga classes. When I stretched or worked muscles that I didn’t even realise exist!

It was definitely a spring clean for me as I found out that we can be lazy with our basic yoga poses over time.

I have decided to post them all here. I hope you love them as I much as I did.

Please note that the ‘wrong’ poses are not necessarily what everyone does. They are also quite exaggerated. In reality, the notable concerns are far more subtle. I’ve just highlighted concern areas where I’ve observed my students commonly held.

The ‘right’ poses may also differ from other ‘correct’ yoga poses you may see online or have been taught by other teachers. Yoga is as much an art as it is science. So whilst, the fundamentals are similar across different yoga philosophies and practices, it IS really a set of techniques passed on from teacher to student.

In my ‘right’ poses, I merely highlight areas to focus on getting alignment because ALIGNMENT is the foundational principle that I subscribe to in my yoga practice and teaching – whether physical, emotional and spiritual!

Please feel free to leave me your comments or requests!


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