Sending my Love from Paris | Dreams come true

Because some things you want to hold with your own hands… This trip to Paris is amazing. 9 years ago, my husband gave me a dream. To take me to Paris for a romantic getaway. Since then, we’ve had our fair share of marriage turmoils that took us far from romance. 2 children later, we’ve had challenges that made this dream what it is – “Juste un rêve”. 

For a while, 9 years seemed too long wait. Unfair, even. Today, dancing around like a girl with big dreams, I’m sure of one thing. God had a plan for me. Hope is always there. 
I look back at the times when I could have come. It wouldn’t be the same. I had a sense of entitlement. This trip is such a reward for me that there was entitlement no more. I am just basking in love and His blessings. 

Love from Paris, friends ❤️🇫🇷


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