Yoga Pictures in Paris

I’m back in Sydney and digging up all these yoga pics to share here of my obsession with the Eiffel Tower! 

This one was pretty cool though because I’m literally just hanging off a ledge. Things I do for yoga pics and the Eiffel Tower 😂

The last two of my photo finds from my Paris trip. I won’t be flooding anymore of Eiffel Towers for a while, I’m sure. But while I was there, I remembered to savour every moment like it would be my last. I remembered to thank the Lord for His blessings. I was reminded never to take things for granted. I was reminded that abundance can rot and the need to be mindful. Maybe fruitful things came out of this trip. And to all, I give Him praise and thanks. Thank you, Father.

I found out from my iPhone Health app that I averaged about 18k steps every day while touring in France. Wow! No wonder my legs and lower back were so sore. 

Pigeon pose (on a chair, figure 4 with legs and leaning forward) was such a relief! It has now become my husband’s favourite pose!


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