Confessions of a Night Owl Yogi


I’m not your typical yogi. I’m not your typical soccer mum either. I don’t wake at sunrise and start the day with a son salutation before the kids wake. I’m not in bed by 8pm so I can start the day early. Many a times I wish I could be more of an early bird. But I gave up the worm for the wisdom of an owl 😜. I struggle in the mornings, even with my coffee and I’m so thankful that I can rely on my husband to do the morning shifts with kid control. I scramble around in the mornings and get most of my work done in the calm of the night. My yoga classes don’t start any earlier than 10am and as embarrassed as I am to say so, the fact is I can’t teach before then.

I came to embrace my sleeping patterns and the fact that I may never turn into a morning person. It’s challenging, especially when you live in a city that thrives on morning life. I wish I could blame jetlag but jetlag only does the opposite and how long can I use this excuse for before my night owl behaviours rear its head again?

Are there any night owl yogis who hear me? Hoot Hoot. Or is it just me?


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