My Last Community Yoga Class of 2016

Due to my upcoming travel schedule and the upcoming festivities, I have decided to wrap up this my yoga teaching a little early this year. So for those enquiring about classes, stay tuned for next year’s schedule. I am opening up my private class enrolments for 2017 and the response has been great so please do email me early to let me know your interest for next year soon as I have limited spaces.

I’ll still be teaching a couple more classes at Wesley Mission but other than that, take my recommendations for Online Yoga videos for stretching and staying supple over the holiday season!

Lastly, to my Wednesday dedicated students, thank you for always showing up, being present, journeying with me this year and entrusting your body and soul to me. I look forward to working again with you next year!


Will You Volunteer? | Wesley Mission Volunteer Annual Awards

I am so honoured to be a part of this loving community of volunteers at Wesley Mission’s School for Seniors. Here, fellow Yoga teacher, Crystal (Founder of Smileyoway) and I get together for the thanksgiving event and volunteer awards. We had such a blessed time. It was so rewarding to hear of the work of amazing volunteers and how their effort changes others.

For me, volunteering is not just about “giving back”. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to serve and get much fulfilment from it. People often ask me why I do it. Well, it is for the love of people and for the love of self-fulfilment. 

This year, every Friday, it has been the most rewarding to come out of teaching my yoga class to the senior school students there. There have been challenging moments and painful times. Even times that make me wonder whether I am built for volunteer work. But walking alongside the church, I am reminded of Jesus’ steadfastness in serving His people. I am reminded of loving people who are hard to love. I have learnt what it means to hold appropriate boundaries and gate out danger. I have learnt a fine balance between opening the gate to serve willingly and joyfully and closing the gate to avoid resentment and bitterness.  Most weeks, Friday is my favourite day. Not just because it’s the end of the week (because, frankly for me, it isn’t anyways as I minister and teach on Sundays). But Friday brings a breath of fresh air from my volunteer experience. Every Friday is different. But every Friday is rewarding in some way. 

Jesus gave us the command to “love your neighbour as you love yourself. (Mark 12:31) ” No better place, means, ways, time and people to do so than to serve as volunteer at Wesley Mission.