Moving to Melbourne (with Christ)

img_9951Wow…it has been almost 2 months since we first made a start to packing in Lane Cove, Sydney.  These past 2 months have been a duck in a pond, paddling at a consistent velocity under the water yet seemingly calm and wading above water.  Those who look at me from the outside will see how beautiful and easy it seemed.  Those who don’t know of my OCD tendencies may imagine that it still needs unpacking and settling.  The truth is that the home was basically picked up and set down in a new location in a matter of 7 days.  Within one week, the new home was 100% all completed and the kids were in a new environment, new school, new day care, new routine.

And with this seamless transition, I have many people to thank (and yes, I’m saving the best for the last :P).  First, it is our crazy awesome nanny who worked so tirelessly without grumble to get everything packed and unpacked.  From disassembly EVERYONE’s bed frames to assembling everything plus clean sheets.  Every hook, every detail in our home has been meticulously managed by this capable and unimaginably strong woman.  Second is Willie’s EA, Lisa.  The lady who gave guidance, emotional support and made sure that my heart was in the right place at all times.  Never a moment did she let my schedule slip with the flying back and forth between the two cities and never a moment did she let the details of logistics get past her eyes.  Then, I have the tribe of friends from my Holy Yoga sisters and Kingdom women to my closest and dearest friendship circles.  Their grace for me and support has meant that the physical and reality of the burden was much less heavier.  The prayers that were said me gave me such strength.

I once boasted how I was nicknamed “Wonder Woman”.  Now, I realise there is really a whole tribe of us.  We just need to look around.  These are the beautiful creation of God.

Lastly and most importantly, thanks be to the big man above, our King. I have felt the presence of Jesus every step of the way.  Even at times when I felt the epic project was slipping, He was there with me.  I know because the Holy Spirit spurred my heart to lean in to Him.  There were moments that were really tough.  The physical heaving lifting of the move.  The emotional flurry of leaving a city where I have lived half of my life in, with my closest of friends and family.  The spiritual home that I find peace in every Sunday.  All these were things I had to farewell and confront that my identity is not rooted in where I live on earth, but where my soul resides in His Kingdom.

On a lighter note, of course, it’s fun to talk logistics.  I kept tabs of everything for fun.  So let’s have a look at this:
Cost – $10K*
Boxes – 180
Hours – 180^
Number of fights with hubby – 3

*not all out of pocket, but you get the point
^inc. everything move related, including packing, unpacking, getting the home set up, rental in and renting out, bills, change of addresses, etc)

Not too bad, huh?!

Logistics and jokes aside, I am really sensing that the Lord is blessing me in abundance with my time here in Melbourne.  Multiple times, I have been asked what I’m doing here (like I always need to be doing something!) Honestly, it has been a challenge to let go of my ‘career mum’ identity and embrace that I’m being a mum-of-leisure, working on projects to spread the Word.  Am I involved in Efficient Media?  Short answer is ‘not really’.  Am I teaching Holy Yoga?  Short answer is ‘not yet’.  So, what am I doing?

Well, I’m treasuring this time that Big Daddy has gifted me with to spend with my children, cook and bake, soak in His word, improve on my yoga…and working on different projects to serve His Kingdom.

For a long time now, I have been wrestling with just ‘serving’ vs ‘growing’ His Kingdom.  The apostle Paul says, “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.”  ~ 1 Cor 15:58 (NIV). There isn’t always the promise of ‘growth’ and that isn’t for us to say anyways.  But there is the trust that the labour is not wasted.  Having the time now to really ponder this allows me to fix my eyes on Jesus and know that ‘growth’ is not the bullseye but the ‘serving’.  I’m still learning much in this journey and for now, being settled in what has been voted the best city in world, Melbourne, there is no better time and place to soak in and learn “servitude”.

Until next time, my friends… hit me up when you’re this world’s best city!


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