Silk Is Best at Nevillee

I love silk. I love it because I love the soft touch and how it glides in the skin. I also love it because I’m Chinese and fascinated by the cultural history and products of my culture. I also love it because it I’ve visited silk factories in China and seen their manufacturing process. I’ve got a sweet spot for this exotic material.  

Silk is also a material high in protein. Sounds new age and I’m not sure about scientific research on this as I haven’t done much of it yet, but accordingly to the Chinese, using silk products that have skin contact can have keep the skin supple and young. This isn’t just limited to skin care products but bedsheets, garments and even eye shades! 

I don’t own massive amounts of silk products but I certainly have one of each of the aforementioned. Yes, quilt cover and bedsheets, cocoon face masks, qipao (traditional Chinese dress from the 50’s) and eye shades too! 

You can see why I got extremely excited when my friend, founder of Nevillee, relaunched her brand with silk camisole and shorts. 

I couldn’t wait to put my order in on her VIP pre-launch and was privileged to get my very own silk camisole with my initials monogrammed together with a matching pair of silk shorts. 

Her tagline is “simplicity is a luxury”. I couldn’t agree more. Her pieces are both. Simple and luxurious. Her launch range isn’t wide but I highly recommend it as a commodity piece. Perfect elegance.

Check it out here and don’t forget the monogram service adds a special touch for gifts. The perfect gift idea!


Vision Casting & Life Strategies Workshop | July 2016

It’s midyear and it’s winter.  Do you feel sluggish?  Do you feel your new year’s resolutions will need to take a backseat (again)?  Need a booster to lift up your mind, body and spirit?

Don’t miss out on this workshop.  High in demand and with proven success from previous attendees, Fideliz Cruz is holding her one next month!  Seating is limited and early bird tickets end this week.  Don’t miss your chance to hear from experts in their area and mingle with like-minded women.  Get your tickets here.

I have the honour and pleasure to be speaking alongside 4 other experts covering topics on Finances & Money, Career, Health and Beauty and living life with purpose at an upcoming event.  See the list of speakers here.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 23.13.16.png

Date: Saturday, 23rd July 2016
Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (AEST) Add to Calendar
Place: The Little Space – co-working space, meeting space and event space – Bondi Junction, Sydney. – 384 Oxford Street #3, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022 – View Map
Cost: $40 for early birds (ticket sales end midnight 2nd July)
$60 general admission

Mr Mysterious | Kirribilli Markets

We’re here at the Kirribilli Markets! Super sale on sunglasses, jewellery cases and some sample stock of my acrylic jewellery collection!


[Update 27th April : Praise the Lord! Thank you for blessing us with beautiful weather that literally, no… like LITERALLY, lasted for just the time the markets were up. The minute we woke to set up and through the awesome day till we packed. The minute we had jumped into our car after packing up, hail storms came! Thank you for hearing my prayers. Also, what a great turnout! I didn’t get to sell as much as I had wanted to but sure did get some good interest, feedback and a few sales. Until next time …]

Jennifer Loiselle Cherry Perspex Earrings |

Who doesn’t want a pair of @jenniferloiselle ‘s Tutti Fruitt Earrings? Got my creative juices flowing in the office today with these delicious ‪#‎perspex‬ earrings. Thank you,‪#‎jenniferloiselle‬! I LOVE THEM!!!

Check them out at

Perspex Making Continued | Mr Mysterious

Mysterious makings continue as Renée and I continue to persist in our end product of perspex cuffs.

So far, this is the best we have gotten to. It’s not perfect. Nor is it sell-worthy. However, from nothing. Yes, I mean, nothing. I’m really proud of where we have gotten!



Perspex Cuffs.. We keep grinding | Mr Mysterious

So, while Mr Mysterious is all coming together with dealing with the website content and Dev changes, marketing planning, production, photoshoot briefing with models, photographers, stylists…… I managed to squeeze time for acrylic cuff making!

Today, I successfully bent the first acrylic cuff!!!!

Still more work before I can complete a finished product but, hey, I’ve been working on this for 2 years now… What’s another few weeks for a finished product!!




Pre-launch Preparation | Mr Mysterious

As I prep Mr Mysterious for launch, I have been really busy thinking about marketing and branding ideas; so much that it keeps me awake at night or fills my dreams, literally.

Here are a few snaps of my achievements!

Hands on, hands on…. Web content uploading, coding, social media content curation, branding ideas…. All my sweat I’ve poured into this…