Vision Casting & Life Strategies Workshop | July 2016

It’s midyear and it’s winter.  Do you feel sluggish?  Do you feel your new year’s resolutions will need to take a backseat (again)?  Need a booster to lift up your mind, body and spirit?

Don’t miss out on this workshop.  High in demand and with proven success from previous attendees, Fideliz Cruz is holding her one next month!  Seating is limited and early bird tickets end this week.  Don’t miss your chance to hear from experts in their area and mingle with like-minded women.  Get your tickets here.

I have the honour and pleasure to be speaking alongside 4 other experts covering topics on Finances & Money, Career, Health and Beauty and living life with purpose at an upcoming event.  See the list of speakers here.

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Date: Saturday, 23rd July 2016
Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (AEST) Add to Calendar
Place: The Little Space – co-working space, meeting space and event space – Bondi Junction, Sydney. – 384 Oxford Street #3, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022 – View Map
Cost: $40 for early birds (ticket sales end midnight 2nd July)
$60 general admission


Confessions of a Life-Coachee

I’ve successfully completed my first life-coaching program and I’m so grateful to Jesus for dragging me onto this path when I wasn’t ready.  After the first session of this program, I already knew  I was called into it.  Fideliz Cruz, my dearest sister-in-Christ, is God-send.  Through her, the Lord gave me answers to questions that I didn’t want to ask.  He gave answers to unanswered questions.  It’s my pleasure and obligation to share this journey with you here.

Whenever I told people that I was getting life coached, they would literally raise their eyebrows.  Some with perplexed looks, others with skepticism and a small number who flat out thinks it’s a joke.

If you’re a life coach, please don’t take offence as you read on. For the record, you people are gifted, chosen and totally worth the investment.  However, I think the general perception of this increasingly popular career seems to met with ‘skepticism’ and ‘hesitation’.  Admittedly, I speak from experience.

If you ask me why, I think it’s because humans are inherently arrogant or self-righteous, to say the least. They are unwilling to hand over their arrogance and accept that they need an external, skilled person to help them tunnel their vision towards their REAL goals.

From my own surveying, it seems that the older the generation, the deeper the frown and skepticism when asked if he/she would invest in a life coach.

Baby boomers seem to be the most dismissive of such expertise (although they all seem to act like a life coach of some sort themselves.) The Gen X’s are working too hard to even bother.  Gen Y’s are probably the most receptive and open-minded to being coached.  The Millenials are just all Life Coaching each other.

I’m a Gen Y. But a frugal one.  Although I would fit into a life coach’s typical target audience,  it’s not easy to sell me ANYTHING.  Life coaching would be far down the list of things I would dream to invest in.  But it was God’s path for me.   The way Fideliz intercepted my life and how I bit the bullet into life coaching is Divine intervention.  I’ll save that story for if and when you and I to meet face to face.

The impacts of my life coaching program are HUGE.  Not little.  HUGE. And real.

Here were the 3 goals that Fideliz help me come up with and baby, did I score!

GOAL ONE – “Building a ministry that glorifies God, blessing me with an overwhelming sense of fulfilment”

From the first session where I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take Holy Yoga or where Holy Yoga was going to take me, I came out of the program having a solid goal, direction and upcoming business plan.  I’m so excited about this wellness centre that I even came up with a Mission Statement, “Feeding the mind, body and soul with God’s love through wellness and fitness services for spiritual women.

GOAL TWO – “Finding peace & comfort in my relationships & my success, empowering me to live in security & acceptance.”

I didn’t realise how much my daily personal relationships were shaping my goals, my vision and the way I act and react.  Having Fideliz guide me through those relationships, I had a new perspective and developed new techniques to manage relationship blockages in my life.  Most importantly, Fideliz gave me spiritual guidance and pointed back to Scripture (Ecclesiastes 3) on the seasons of life – when to nurture, when to let go.   On managing relationships, I learnt a beautiful technique – ‘nice girl’ vs ‘mean girl’ dialogue.  This technique required me to dig deep into problematic voices  I hear from certain relationships (aka ‘mean girl’ voice) and meeting those voices with my ‘nice girl’ voice.  I literally created a table like this one below:

[ACCUSATION] You were such a rebel.  You’re like an animal, can’t be tamed. That’s not true.  I accept that this is how it made you feel but I would love of us to walk around this stumbling block and move forward together, not allowing this to impact our future relationship.
[GUILT]  You didn’t reach out and care for your friends (even though you already know it’s a one-way situation) You tried your best, Jo.  There is a time of peace. [Ecclesiastes 3]
[HURTFUL] I wished you enjoyed being a stay-at-home mum.  I guess I’ll have to come to terms with not marrying that type of woman. I am good enough.  God has created a unique me.  I would make for a lousy someone else.  He wants me to be me and use my gifts to serve.  My gift may not be the ‘stay at home mum’ but I am certainly gifted in areas that I will serve in His Glory.

Lastly, I didn’t realise that I’d been carrying my resentment from years ago.  Fideliz gave me the courage and compassion to face those emotions.  Some of which were to grieve over losses of dreams that I would never be able to live.  Grieving was hard but it was required to find  closure and move on in positive light.   I came to realise that grieving is not limited to the loss of loved ones but even ones dreams.

GOAL THREE – “Floating around adventurously, dancing in freedom, happiness & love”

From there, Fids was gifted in helping me realise that my current life and lifestyle wasn’t so far off from the drivers of my dreams.  The reasons for my dreams and the emotional elements of my ‘shattered dream’ could still and is actually being fulfilled on a daily basis.  It was just that I need to stitch together my fragmented and disillusioned puzzles of my ‘dream’ and make them come true in other ways.  What manifested what a ‘self-love’ manual where I put down the ‘goals of my dreams’ into every day, practical examples.  Before I knew it, I was loving life already.  More so than ever before. I’m unstoppable now!

And here’s how this self-love manual manifested itself…something like this.  The WHEN is not real but you get the point!

— WHAT — 
— WHEN —
Practice Holy Yoga
3 times a week
Mon, Wed, Fri
1 full day “me-time”
Date night with hubby
Family day
Personal Growth & Development time
1st Tue of every month
Girls night out dinner
Last Thu of every month
Pamper Treatment
Last Sat of every month
Travel getaway
Eat healthy & feel good
So, why a life-coach?  Because they are trained.  Fideliz made a good point. She’s not God.  She does not have the answers.  God does and most of the time, we do.  Her job is not to answer the questions but to bring out the answers inside us or help us find the answers ourselves.  I describe it as the loose puzzle pieces or gold coins that are trapped inside a transparent glass piggy bank.  You know it’s there, you may even see them.  To access them, you need someone to smash the piggy bank for you and put the puzzle pieces together.  That driving force of the hammer IS the LIFE COACH.
Whether you are struggling to find purpose in life or whether you’re a go-getter with goals stuck on your vision board already, this is my recommendation.  Next time you meet a life coach you can connect with, give it your time and thought on investing in yourself.  Not investing in them.  Investing in yourself.  Because the returns of the breaking that piggy bank is worth it.

Small Changes, Big Effects | Being Grateful on a New Level

2015-09-29-1443535575-2767534-photo1430165558479de3cf8cf1478One of my Holy Yoga sisters shared this article on our Facebook group.  The author, Julie Cantrell, is one of the best-selling authors for the NY Times and also Holy Yogi!

On most days, I feel like the author of this article before she made the shift in perspective.  How liberating is it that just a small change in perspective brings so much joy and gratitude.  All this undeserving, unmerited grace I am given by our Father above and yet all these complaints about life.  Disgraceful…. But I’m not going to beat myself up because I know it’s all about the learning and the journey.

I am just thankful that I GET to have this new perspective… Thank you, Lord, for everything you let me GET to do.

The best 3 minute read  this year –

So, I made a change.

I replaced one four-letter word with a three-letter word, and everything came back to good. That’s all it took. The shift of one teensy-weensy little word. And voila! My once shriveling soul was smiling again. And still is.

Now, instead of saying, I HAVE to do x, y, z… I say I GET to do x, y, z.

How I Minimised Hair Loss | The Honest Co. & Recommended Organic Brands

Honestly, no…. Honestly.

During my pregnancy, I got given Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life book as my birthday gift. I remember wanting to immediately throw out all the processed foods out of my fridge. I didn’t, of course, because that would be just a wasteful life and nothing ‘honest’ about that. But having learnt about all the chemicals that exist in processed foods and many cleaning agents, I slowly started to make my own cleaning products with natural ingredients. And have since completely weaned myself into organic skincare.

I’m not a complete organic freak, admittedly. I still use bleach for whitening bathroom tiles and that white shirt that I love. Bleach King is what its name stands for. KING of the household, indeed.

Perhaps not to the extent of obsession. I mean, it’s not like we aren’t exposed to chemicals in one way or another. But it is consciously minimising the exposure to love our bodies, the temples that God has so graciously blessed us with.

So, the review in hands is Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Bathing range. (A good friend of mine got this as a souvenir from Hawaii). It was a gift set that consisted of:

  1. Shampoo/Body Wash
  2. Face/Body Lotion
  3. Conditioner
  4. Body Oil
  5. Bubble bath gel 

Verdict?  AWESOME! 

Since using the shampoo, I have seen a significant reduction of hair shedding. 

The body oil I actually use on my face at night, as a moisturiser. It’s isn’t as rich and I would probably stick with Organic Rosehip on the face in the long term, but this oil is definitely great for the body. 

So there goes a quick review for those looking for another brand of good, natural products. 

Other brands I also like:

  1. Juniper Australia – I love this brand for their handcreams and Skin Firming Serum, which I use as a makeup primer and I get this from the local vitamins store, Mr Vitamins. 
  2. Springfields – I love their Jojoba and Rosehip oils. 
  3. Trilogy – I stumbled across their Replenishing Night Cream when it was on sale and have loved it, especially for drier months.
  4. Rosehip by essano – I literally bulk buy their foaming facial cleansers when they go on sale. I find it is strong enough to remove makeup, even my mascara, but doesn’t leave my face dry. I still recommend using jojoba or rosehip oil on a cotton pad to remove waterproof makeup first before facial cleansing. 
  5. This cheap but super effective cucumber eye gel literally feels like putting on cooled cucumber slices over my eyes, except it’s a squirt from a bottle. It’s only $19.99 AUD but does a better job in de-puffing tired eyes than La Mer, I think! Say Yes to cucumber. Yup, that’s the name of the product!

Hope you enjoyed it! 

Reasons For Being Fit |Inspiration from FitizenOfInsanity

Inspired by fellow blogger, M, and her wonderful blog about her fitness journey, I decided to do the same.  Thank you, M from @FitizenOfInsanity , for your inspiration. 

I asked myself to dig deep and answer the question, ‘Why do I want to be fit?’ Is it purely for health reasons?  Or vanity?  Or setting a role model for my children? Or do I want to be inspiring other women?  The deeper I dug, the more uncomfortable I realised I started to feel.  Because I simply did not have a concrete answer!

I think it’s a mix of a few key things.  Some of which are for the wider benefits of staying healthy for longevity.  Some of which is for vanity (I mean, who doesn’t want to be ‘that hot mum’?, if I had to be really truthful.)   So, here’s my utterly honest list of reasons: 

 1.  VANITY 

I care about the way I look.  A LOT.  And that has started from a young age and whether my mother likes to hear it or not, she heavily shaped me in this regard.  “Don’t eat chocolate, baby.  It’s fat.”  (No, not that there is ‘too much sugar’.  It is just, ‘Fat’)  So, staying fit for me is a means to be able to live up to that social definition of ‘beauty’.  I admit it. 


Driven largely by point 1, over the years, I have conditioned myself that staying fit and healthy is a discipline and a constant achievement.  And for those who understand what I mean, you know it requires effort.  For me, being able to achieve that and live up to that standard is rewarding.  It makes me feel good.


Further to point 2, most would have to agree that staying fit requires dedication that, frankly, not every one can (or afford) to do.  And yes, when you can do it, it comes with a lot of applause.  I enjoy being applauded and the compliments.  Sometimes, even taking it so far as to setting myself goals and hanging them out on social media for the world to see so I cannot back down on my commitments; so that I cannot accept defeat. 


Notice how this is not point 1 when really it should be?  Now you know how messed up my priorities are.  I figure, if I fess up to it, it will give me a chance to change my focus.  How can you change or improve if you can’t self-reflect? 


Ok, this is a boring one.  But it’s true and should definitely sit higher on the list.   I exercise and eat well for mental and physical strength.  I am a mother of two and being able to carry my baby around and live a busy lifestyle, having strength is like oxygen to your lungs.  It is a must.  And exercising allows me to challenge my mental strength.  Think “Ok, one more burpee…just one more…and I’m done!” 


Just to elaborate more on point 5, it is for the mental challenge and discipline. 


The same way my mother heavily shaped and influenced my ideas of what was healthy or not, I want to bring out all the positives of healthy living and fitness, and make a difference to my children’s lives.

8.  Just because…I LOVE IT 

Ok, I may not enjoy the actual process of circuit and resistance training as much as I do the results (Kayla, I’m sorry to say this). But hey, yoga?   I love it…just because.. I DO.  The same way you can’t articulate why you love your man. 

 So there.  I’ve opened my heart out.   There are some priorities I need to shuffle around, I know.  And 2015 is the year for it.

As part of achieving my fitness goals this year, here’s some motivation from Carrie Green, Founder of Female Entreprenuer Association.


Superfoods, Raw Foods & Smoothies | The NutriBullet

After 4 months, I finally unboxed my birthday gift from my Darling Husband. I’ve been holding off opening this gift, as I was feeling sluggish and crap in the last 3 months of pregnancy and I didn’t want to spoil the experience. I then had to sit through 1 month of postpartum confinement whereby all I could eat were traditional Chinese ‘warm’ foods, i.e. No raw and cold foods.

This week I’m super excited that I get to go back to my superfoods and healthy living. already loving this NutriBullet. I can’t wait to try out different recipes!

Also started #KaylaItsines #BBG challenge. Feeling great 6 weeks postpartum.

Thanking my mum and dad for looking after me and the fam.
Thanking Dear Hubby for putting together my training schedule and your support.
Thanking our Heavenly Father almighty for all Your blessings.
#feelingthankful #countyourblessings #healthyliving #rawfoods #berrysmoothie





Kayla Itsines Workout | Sweat Beginnings

Finally I’ve survived the 6-week ‘exercise free’ period postpartum. I haven’t exactly gone to the GP yet to get clearance on being able to start my workout. But I have been following Kayla Itsines on Instagram and I can’t wait to start her 12 week Bikini Body Guide. The guides can be purchase here.

This is my second pregnancy and last time, I also started my workout with a personal trainer 7 weeks after I gave birth. I feel like I know my body well and this time round, I am a lot stronger physically and emotionally. My recovery was quicker and my general well-being is better than last time. Not to mention, I’m much fitter from my yoga practise during pregnancy.

So, I’m confident that I can start this workout already. And so I did.

Man, does it kill…. I have done my first circuit on my legs and another on my arms. I am sore all over. I can’t wait to see the results in a few weeks.

Hopefully, I’ll have some proud transformation photos to share soon. Stay tuned!

Here’s a regram from Kayla’s Instagram for inspiration.