What is (With) Love…Josephine?

Love Josephine started out as a personal blog hosted on Xanga.com in 2005. The name came from signing off every post ‘With Love, Josephine xx’.  Back then, blogging was the Facebook of today; in a sense that it was the platform where people could share with others about their lives, their interests, consume content – a place where individuals had any form of meaningful presence in the world wide web.  Since then, short form content such as Facebook ‘posts’ or ‘tweets’ have succeeded the old-school blog posts, and the former has found its place in the social media of today.

Nevertheless, Love Josephine survives the fads of Friendster, Bebo and even the falling of Xanga.  Today, in addition to my life adventures, on Love Josephine you will find reading on the Christian faith, Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Digital Marketing, lifestyle, health and parenting.

From what started out as a personal blog 10 years ago, Love Josephine takes its current shape as a biography of my life after graduating from university, a collection of memories, a digital keepsake, the occasional rambling, and most recently, my journal of adventures serving Jesus.  Each post marks a special event in my life.  To honour authenticity in my life, I’ve even retained the formatting of posts from 10 years ago.  Every now and then, I would look back at my adventures and appreciate the changes in my life, including my writing style, my post formats and the different seasons of life.

In 2015, I made a decision to dedicate this blog to my adventures while serving Jesus.  Life is no longer the party posts and first-world-problems that you will find back in 2007.  Everything I post, everything I do, is in His name.


For my beloved all over the world…
With Love…..Josephine xx 


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