Tweet Tweet, do you Twitter?

Today, I wore my Digital Marketer hat to a breakfast hosted by Twitter’s Australia office.

As a small business owner or owner of small businesses, to be precise, it’s highly relevant to stay on top of the latest on social media and where your customers are ‘hanging out’.  Whether it’s the latest fad (Snapchat, dare I say) or Facebook’s latest acquisition.

What do I think about Twitter?

I love cute Larry, the bird. I love that 1 billion tweets are sent globally every 2 days. I love Twitter staff, the office and their slick presentations.  I do believe in their branding impacts with video. I love that they house the world’s data signals with @ and #.  I love the fact that they came up with the # (hashtags). I do love that they popularised short-form content. 

Though from a SMB strategy perspective, if you ask me for an honest opinion on Twitter – I’ll admit that it is my least of priorities on the myriad of Social Media platforms I use.  Not necessarily because it’s ineffective but it has probably lost its relevancy in promoting businesses.  I do realise I’m being harsh here but honesty is the best policy when it comes to helping small businesses prioritise their efforts.   Would I recommend my clients to pay $12K on promoted trends (a hashtag) for a single day?  Yes I would, if they were a large, million dollar business and running a branding campaign.  But definitely not for SMB’s who are focussed on measurable impacts on their marketing dollars that they entrust us with.

That said, Twitter is still a place to be present in for all small businesses.  It’s free to set up accounts and there are quite some smart strategies that are free to help you understand the latest trending topics that your customers are interested in.  In turn, there are some nuggets that you can leverage in there to target your customers.  How?  Ask the experts?

If you lack the time to post separately on Twitter, the least you can do is to link up the account to your more active Social Media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram so that your updates are automatically pushed onto Twitter.   The are also plenty of tools out there which help you manage your multiple platforms in the one place.  The one we like is Hootsuite.   Is it effective then, to be just pushing automatic updates from Facebook to Twitter?  No, it’s not best practise.  But as a small business, we understand that you may lack the time to dedicate targeted messaging on each platform.  In this instance, better to have presence than none at all.  That’s our perspective.  Some will argue otherwise.  We’ll leave it you to test and analyse!

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Don’t Be the Social and Search Homewrecker | Efficient Media

Thank you Marin for co-hosting this event with Facebook and inviting us to a fun afternoon.  I LOVE WORKING IN DIGITAL. DO YOU?

 There is a reason why I simply cannot part from this digital world, even if I have tried in the past.  Fun, parties and cool offices aside, it is the fascination and fluid nature of it that I love most. It is ever-changing.


So, what did we learn today? I few stats I want to share here with business owners or marketers:

  1. By running search and social ads together through the same ad platform, such as Marin, revenue per conversion increases by 68%.  (Source: Marin Software: The Multiplier Effect of Integrating Search & Social Advertising study)
  2. Revenue per click increases by 26%. (Source: Marin Software: The Multiplier Effect of Integrating Search & Social Advertising study)
  3. Marketers that run social and search together experience higher Facebook ad  click through rates.(Source: Marin Software’s The Performance Marketer’s Retargeting Guide, October 2014)


Search and Social are now a married couple.  And they LOVE to be happily married.  Please don’t separate them.  They are no longer good when working  in silos.  So, a few tips:

  1. Make the step change and decision to have a combined ‘social and search’ strategy, which entails integrated strategy planning, execution, measurement and analysis of the two TOGETHER.
  2. For small businesses, get one agency to manage the both. For whatever reason you want separate agencies to work collectively and share synergies with one another, the truth is that THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN.    You can try but I suspect the success rate is very low!  My experience working on the client side is that you end up doing the data crunching and analysis in-house.  Larger corporates are a different story. They can afford the manpower to have them operate as silos and frankly, to get through the politics of managing the two together can so painful it’s not worth the “integration” fight or it continues to be an “integration” fight.    However, if you’re a small business, the ONE agency rule applies.  Don’t be the cause of divorce between the social and search marketing.
  3. It’s no secret that Google has made social and SEO an inseparable couple, ranking organic listings based on relevant content and a whole load of social signal factors (e.g. reviews, social referrals etc).  This has come a long way since days of just ‘keyword optimisation’ , ‘robot. txt file’ or the more mature ‘site architecture’ if you would.  So, knowing what makes for a good social execution will impact your website ranking on Google.  Better be present on those social platforms that your customers are mingling around and talking about your business/brand.
  4. Organic social or paid social?  BOTH.  By using technology (e.g. Marin) and engaging in good data mining, you will reap the benefits of social and search advertising synergies.  You can more effectively re-target your social ads to those who have shown interest through their search keywords.  See stats above.

It can get complex and complicated but far too often, we see that just focussing on ONE key win will see positive impacts on the numbers that really matter for your business. That’s what we’re about at Efficient Media. It’s not the grand plan that takes YEARS to get implemented.  It’s about identifying quick wins that are affordable for businesses to see results, whether this is bringing back key wins to the CMO/CEO or for your bakery store, that’s what we pride ourselves in.

We like to use English in our communications, not the jargon that you have to learn.  Talk to us.  Contact us here or call +612 8007 5774.