Throw Away Your Health Goals, please!

Have you ever:
1. said to someone, “I’m on a diet”?
2. typed this into Google “how to lose weight in 5 days..”

Google Search -Lose Weight

3. have you looked at Before and After photos and thought, “yeah, I want to try that workout.”?
4. have you wished you enjoyed working out or was more athletic like that girl back in high school?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of them, then we have something in common and in this post I want to share with you something that changed my life.  I talk about it a lot in themes of my blog but probably not enough.

It’s literally throwing away setting ‘health goals’. It’s veering away from ‘I can do it’ with willpower.  It’s replacing this model of being a ‘goal-kicking achiever’ to being ‘willing’.  And then? No, ‘and then..’.   Yup, that’s it.  Just being ‘willing’.

This was how I started my talk at a recent workshop – Vision Casting & Life Strategies run by Fideliz Cruz.

I vividly recall the look in the audiences faces as I introduced this new concept of not having to ‘rely on your own willpower’  (not ALONE anyways) and replacing this concept with ‘faith’ and ‘willingness’.  There were confused faces, skeptical faces and raised eyebrows.  Until I showed them this….and then people were interested in what changed my life.


The left was when I was pregnant (I tried to find photos of post-pregnancy but I couldn’t find any. Surprise! And frankly it doesn’t make a difference because I looked practically the same) and the right was when my first born was 1 years old.

I was filled with willpower to lose my 25 kilos.  And I did it.  You see, I eat willpower for breakfast.  In fact, it’s my biggest enemy.  Because of this false sense of security, aka willpower, I have suffered from bulimia, anorexia, depression, anxiety and ended up in hospital many times in my life.  But at least twice for suicidal attempts.

My experience has told me that ‘willpower’ and kicking ‘health goals’ doesn’t sit quite right.  I’m sure some can relate, and others are like, “I kinda prefer to have your willpower.” And perhaps you sit on the other end of the spectrum, where you dream of your goals and never seem to be able to achieve them.

This is where I fault the system.  Relying on willpower sucks.

Willingness, on the other hand, is powerful.  It’s not judgemental.  It’s kinder.  It fits well for those who kick goals and those who don’t do so well with goals.  Either ways, we’re trying.  You can’t fail if you’re still trying, right?

Now, of course the questions is then, willingness to ‘what?’   I can’t answer that question for you but it must be something that is greater than your own being.  It must be sustainable.   Mothers can relate to this easily.  You are willing to sacrifice your needs for your children.

For me, it’s surrendering my willpower to control, to change things, to do things in My plan, My time,  My will ….to God.  You saw it coming, didn’t you?

Yup, here I am preaching again.  And get this.  I do it not because there is any specific gain.  It’s not a goal I’m kicking.   I preach because my life has changed since I’ve really picked up the cross and followed Jesus.  And I passionately feel it to share with you.

I’ve realised that He loves me in whatever shape, size or form I am.  He loves me no matter how many goals I kick or not.  There is no scoreboard.  In fact, because He loves me so much, it doesn’t matter if I put on a kilo or two every now and then.  He teaches me about balance and learning to love my body so that I am WILLING to treat my body with love and care.  Bring on a juice detox and do it with joy! Bring on a degustation and eat it with joy!  If you turn your eyes on Him, you’ll KNOW how important it is to stay healthy.

With this new lifestyle, I’m so thankful that my Vision is clear and my Lifestyle Strategy is rooted in a good place.  Everything I do, I turn my eyes to God and really trust in His health plan for me.  Not my own.

Today, if you’re wondering whether you could explore something different for your health goals, take time to ponder this verse from the Bible:

“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit,”  ~ Romans 17:14

Further to this, a genuine feeling of emptiness can sometimes be real and needs attention, too. Read more here.



The Bold & The Beautiful

This month of February 2016, my ministry’s theme is being BOLD and being BEAUTIFUL.

What do those words mean to you?

 In the past, being BOLD to me meant having a strong opinion on something; standing so firm on a worldly view and being ready to engage in rigorous debate over the topic.  Since growing my relationship with Jesus, BOLDNESS means something very different. It’s a very subdued steadfastness that doesn’t involve any quarrelling, debating, revolutionary ideas, attempting to make a difference in societal matters, highly controversial social-economical subjects. Being bold simply means standing firm in my faith and delivering the gospel in a peaceful and steadfast way with prayer and hope that those who hear of the a Good News can have an opportunity to learn about salvation. With this new definition, I have found so much liberation. I am no longer a slave to the worldly views or comparisons of society.  Now that I’ve had a taste of this freedom, ‘freedom of speech’ seems an oxymoron to me.

My boldness is rooted in the Word:

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles.” ~Romans‬ ‭1:16‬ ‭NIV

 As for BEAUTY. Modern society has really distorted the definition of beauty. There is much talk and campaigning about true beauty found in the heart and not from the looks but I wonder why cosmetic surgery (not for trauma but for enhancement) is the fastest-growing in the medical field. How often do I hear friends talk about ‘botox’ and preserving one’s looks but neglect to mention how to preserve one’s soul. I, admittedly, have to remind myself every morning, when I look into the mirror, that true beauty is not found in merely what the eye can see.  I am so thankful that I have Christ in me to give me such joy and save me from captivity of idolising my body and outward appearance.

Again, I turn to the TRUTH and this is what God has to say about ‘appearance’.  In His eyes, we are all good enough and we are all beautiful because we are wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of the perfectly, beautiful God.

But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” ~ 1 Samuel 16:7

Pregnancy Journal | Weeks 36-37

As my hubby would say, “You’re now in the window!”

Yup, I am! And I can’t be happier that I’m so close to being able to pop.

I’m very proud that I’ve been able to work up till 37 weeks; 1 more week than my previous pregnancy. I’ve only put on half the weight that I did last time. I’m keeping up with yoga flow. Finally, I’m still able to book in pamper treatments and drag myself to the appointments! With my last pregnancy, I was a full time couch potato by around 30 weeks and doing nothing but eating and sleeping (working only mornings from home).

Obviously, at 37 weeks pregnant, everything is a chore. Even turning up to the lash extension appointment is. But I can’t be more pleased with all these treatments and the feeling of them all when you walk out of the salon feeling, ‘Oh so good (or, pretty!)’.

In this post, I want to thank Mijung Cha at Navilash for giving me these wonderful eyelash extensions. Mijung is just amazing. Not just at what she does but being able to take into account the needs of a pregnant woman, who can’t lie on her back for 1 hour. I was able to lie on my side and turn every now and then during the hour-long treatment but Mijung still did a flawless job. So for those looking for a pregnancy pamper treatment, I highly recommend this. I mean, who has time to put on mascara when you’re breastfeeding in the first week after the baby is born? These lashes last for 4-6 weeks, dependent on how you look after them, of course. That’s pretty awesome!