Shuffling Priorities

Lately, it may seem that I am posting a lot more Hyperlapse videos than photos of static poses on Instagram. 

❓THIS IS WHY… ❓The past few months have been a season of transitioning and change. Life is always changing, I know. But in some seasons, changes happen more abruptly than other season. These past 6 months have been one of these abrupt ones. It challenges you to re-evaluate priorities, your relationships with others and for me, my relationship with God. 

Priority shifts have been clear since the beginning of 2017. From comfortably teaching several Holy Yoga classes and proactively leading this movement here in Australia 🇦🇺 up until November last year, starting 2017 saw me being called back into my digital business, Efficient Media, and the restoration of my health. 

As a yoga teacher and spiritual leader, we often preach the importance of “creating space” and “holding space” for your physical and spiritual health. In order for us to be effective leaders, it’s not just fair but necessary to practice what we preach. Literally.

I love recording the different seasons of my yoga and faith journey on Instagram. But it cannot be at the expense of Truth and misaligned with reality. Reality is that I have far less time to dedicate to static posing. Truth is that restoration comes from spending much time in Scripture, chewing on the Word and spending quality time in prayer and meditation with Jesus. 


Instead of photos, which requires more time investment, I have been recording some of my practices to continue to inspire, empower, share and spread. 
Is that the things I share and the formats will continue to be interesting and spark the interest of those who have been called to hear; that the journey and the joys of my experience will encourage in some way. 🙏🏻 

P.S. Here’s my 10-minute standard mid-morning flow sped up 6x.  🌤


When God says, “No” and “Slow” with a Broken Toe


A week ago, a landed in Phuket for my first day of my mini-girls getaway and a girlfriend’s wedding. Within hours of starting my holiday, I managed to bunk my toe while walking into the pool. Yup, nothing dramatic. Just walked into the pool. My toe caught something, most likely the bubble jet and that was it. For the next 6 weeks, I will be nursing this.

Meanwhile, let’s just say this trip was very relaxing. Thanks to my girlfriends who were very thoughtful and patient with me, they worked around my schedules and took real good care of me. I’m so thankful and blessed with these girls.
Today is 1 week after the incident. (By the way, day 6’s bruising seemed the worst! But the pain has subsided though). I am back home and wondering what all of this meant. The minute I landed, my hubby was off on his work travel trips as usual and I was left to unpack, catch up on work and house chores all awhile being slowed down by this toe. My older son also managed to sprain his ankle. So that’s double trouble! Before I went on trip, I had wrapped up most of my yoga teaching for the year and was hoping to get a breather and move quicker with the clearer schedule. 

Turns out – NO. God has different plan for me. He had timed this perfectly, in fact. I hear Him speaking “SLOW” in my life, as in “slow down”. 

If I still had many classes to run, it would be an awful feeling. And while I wanted to run fast, God is holding me back – Teaching me a lesson of patience (slow down). Teaching me it’s not always about what’s being done but what’s being. Yup, period. What is “being”.

It isn’t natural for me. And I must say, it was frustrating to come back from holidays as first with this. But hey! That’s why I love Jesus. He gets me up on my feet. No matter how I feel, I can calibrate the minute I think of His love for me. I know there’s ALWAYS SOMETHING GOOD in everything. Because I’ve got a good good Father watching over me!

Resting a little, slowing down a little more, and learning a little more.