Mini Yoga Learnings | WIP

WIP – Work-In-Progress

Working on improvement but that's what life is, right? A work in progress.

Earlier this week, I had the most relaxing and positive start. God spoke Hebrews 12 over me and at that point, I thought I knew what He meant. Then a series of events turned the emotional needle the opposite direction. Now I ponder over Hebrews 12 and have a more profound perspective. Just when you think you know… What can I say? Life is a constant WIP. Yoga is a great reminder of that.

“Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as his children. For what children are not disciplined by their father?” ~ Hebrews‬ ‭12:7‬ ‭NIV


When God says, “No” and “Slow” with a Broken Toe


A week ago, a landed in Phuket for my first day of my mini-girls getaway and a girlfriend’s wedding. Within hours of starting my holiday, I managed to bunk my toe while walking into the pool. Yup, nothing dramatic. Just walked into the pool. My toe caught something, most likely the bubble jet and that was it. For the next 6 weeks, I will be nursing this.

Meanwhile, let’s just say this trip was very relaxing. Thanks to my girlfriends who were very thoughtful and patient with me, they worked around my schedules and took real good care of me. I’m so thankful and blessed with these girls.
Today is 1 week after the incident. (By the way, day 6’s bruising seemed the worst! But the pain has subsided though). I am back home and wondering what all of this meant. The minute I landed, my hubby was off on his work travel trips as usual and I was left to unpack, catch up on work and house chores all awhile being slowed down by this toe. My older son also managed to sprain his ankle. So that’s double trouble! Before I went on trip, I had wrapped up most of my yoga teaching for the year and was hoping to get a breather and move quicker with the clearer schedule. 

Turns out – NO. God has different plan for me. He had timed this perfectly, in fact. I hear Him speaking “SLOW” in my life, as in “slow down”. 

If I still had many classes to run, it would be an awful feeling. And while I wanted to run fast, God is holding me back – Teaching me a lesson of patience (slow down). Teaching me it’s not always about what’s being done but what’s being. Yup, period. What is “being”.

It isn’t natural for me. And I must say, it was frustrating to come back from holidays as first with this. But hey! That’s why I love Jesus. He gets me up on my feet. No matter how I feel, I can calibrate the minute I think of His love for me. I know there’s ALWAYS SOMETHING GOOD in everything. Because I’ve got a good good Father watching over me!

Resting a little, slowing down a little more, and learning a little more.

The Bold & The Beautiful

This month of February 2016, my ministry’s theme is being BOLD and being BEAUTIFUL.

What do those words mean to you?

 In the past, being BOLD to me meant having a strong opinion on something; standing so firm on a worldly view and being ready to engage in rigorous debate over the topic.  Since growing my relationship with Jesus, BOLDNESS means something very different. It’s a very subdued steadfastness that doesn’t involve any quarrelling, debating, revolutionary ideas, attempting to make a difference in societal matters, highly controversial social-economical subjects. Being bold simply means standing firm in my faith and delivering the gospel in a peaceful and steadfast way with prayer and hope that those who hear of the a Good News can have an opportunity to learn about salvation. With this new definition, I have found so much liberation. I am no longer a slave to the worldly views or comparisons of society.  Now that I’ve had a taste of this freedom, ‘freedom of speech’ seems an oxymoron to me.

My boldness is rooted in the Word:

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles.” ~Romans‬ ‭1:16‬ ‭NIV

 As for BEAUTY. Modern society has really distorted the definition of beauty. There is much talk and campaigning about true beauty found in the heart and not from the looks but I wonder why cosmetic surgery (not for trauma but for enhancement) is the fastest-growing in the medical field. How often do I hear friends talk about ‘botox’ and preserving one’s looks but neglect to mention how to preserve one’s soul. I, admittedly, have to remind myself every morning, when I look into the mirror, that true beauty is not found in merely what the eye can see.  I am so thankful that I have Christ in me to give me such joy and save me from captivity of idolising my body and outward appearance.

Again, I turn to the TRUTH and this is what God has to say about ‘appearance’.  In His eyes, we are all good enough and we are all beautiful because we are wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of the perfectly, beautiful God.

But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” ~ 1 Samuel 16:7

Dedication to a Noble Man

  Today is day 9 of the ‪#‎PrepareOurHeartsForAdvent‬ Holy Yoga devotional and today is grace day.

What does ‘grace’ mean to you?

THIS is grace for me. My father. He shines grace all over. He is my best friend, my mentor, my go-to-for-everything. He gave me the foundations of being a good Christian from my earliest memories. He showed me what Grace is about.

“Stay calm, stay in lane.” was a frequent reminder from him.

Growing up, I remember making mistakes along the way. Most were insignificant but some were grave. No matter how big or small the mistakes were, I was always shown grace by my dad.

Gentleness is his fashion. There’s disappointment from him at times, but hardly anger.

He has inspired many, including my other best friend, my hubby Willie Pang.

My earthly father, Dennis, is a gracious blessing from Him above.

What spells grace for you today?

Christmas. Pain Beyond Imagination

 Today is Day 7 of the #PrepareOurHeartsForAdvent Holy Yoga devotional.

It’s a busy Sunday and truth be told, I didn’t really get the still meditation time I would have liked to have. Running around with two boys and HoYo Sunday class to teach, life has never a dull moment on Sundays! But in this time we prepare for Advent, every day I make time to think about Jesus’ coming. Here, my son and I do it together. We both love Jesus. We say our prayers together. He is my blessing. I love my son.

I know God loves His son and to send His son to bear our sins for us, planned to be crucified on the cross from the moment He was born… It’s pain beyond imagination.

Thank you, Lord for your mercy. Thank YOU for Your grace.

Yearning for Him

  Today is day 5 of the #PrepareOurHeartsForAdvent Holy Yoga devotional, using the day 5 devotional from Nap Time Diaries’ Advent Journal.

“He longs for us to expect Him to show up. And if we’re not living lives with baited breath and goosebumps in anticipation of what God wants to do in our lives, then I think we are missing out on His best life for us.”  

Wow……….. WOW. This is a confronting one for me. Do I yearn for Him to show up in my life?  In my meditation, I was stuck on this word – YEARN.

This is a strong word and indeed, I find myself yearning for Him to show up in my life….when life gets TOUGH.  There seems to be a co-relationship between life’s struggles and yearning for Him.  The tougher it gets the more I yearn. It made me think about when life good.  Do I still yearn for Him.  Most of us will pray when the going gets rough.  How about on days when it’s all sunny and blue skies.  On those good days, do we still yearn for our God to show up in our lives?

Oh how this quiet time is sooo good.  It grounds me.  It reminds me that while my life is good, I must not forget to love Jesus, love my Father above, to thank Him for His mercy, for His grace.  To yearn for Him to show up in every minuscule moment of my life.

Do you pray in desperation?  Let’s ask ourselves a tough question.  If you’re praying in desperation, surely it means we believe that some things are beyond our human control.  Then why not, thank Him, when things are good?  Christianity is not a religion.  It is a relationship.  Surely in our human relationships, we don’t just ask for stuff when we’re desperate.  Surely we also nurture the relationship by speaking words of love, too…Food for thought.


2 Minutes of Silent Meditation

IMG_1774Today is Day 4 of the #PrepareOurHeartsForAdvent Holy Yoga devotional.

As we hide ourselves in Jesus, connecting with Him and letting Him speak His truth of who He is and who we are in Him, pondering these things in our hearts… Sometimes we need to carve out time to just let it all sink in.  So today we are taking an intentional silent meditation.

When we pray, we bring our praise and petition before God. But in meditation, we sit in silence and allow God to do the speaking. We simply listen and let His truth seep deep into our soul. 🙏

This season can be so over-full, things to do and places to be. But we can never do and be everything. So I encourage you to begin your 2minute silence with Jesus by asking Him what you may be holding too tightly to and what you may need to let go of. Then allow Him to whisper His love & mercy into your soul, breathe new life into you, and reveal what you may need to release. And then just sit and revel in His sweet presence.

Today I heard the Lord speak to me.  It’s not always what I want to hear and that’s how I know it’s True and He’s here; to give it to me RAW. Here I capture the key points:

  1. Patience (with Holy Yoga direction specifically)
  2. Obedience (with my ministry work)
  3. Continue on with rest – not so sure about discerning this one.  Could this mean spending more time with Him and extending my ‘Social Sabbatical’?  For now, I’ll run with that.