Mr Mysterious | Kirribilli Markets

We’re here at the Kirribilli Markets! Super sale on sunglasses, jewellery cases and some sample stock of my acrylic jewellery collection!


[Update 27th April : Praise the Lord! Thank you for blessing us with beautiful weather that literally, no… like LITERALLY, lasted for just the time the markets were up. The minute we woke to set up and through the awesome day till we packed. The minute we had jumped into our car after packing up, hail storms came! Thank you for hearing my prayers. Also, what a great turnout! I didn’t get to sell as much as I had wanted to but sure did get some good interest, feedback and a few sales. Until next time …]


Mr Mysterious Supporting Good Cause | Anchor of Hope

Yet again, another opportunity for Mr Mysterious to give back to the community. A proud sponsor of Fideliz Cruz Personal Styling, we were extremely happy to be supporting a Christian non-profit organisation, Anchor of Hope. Anchor of Hope helps under-privelidged children in Africa.

Here, we present our Masquerade to winner, who loves our product!


The event was another successful example of how Faith, Curiousity and Love can drive success in all the right ways.


Mr Mysterious Pop-up Store | Thanks to Nevillee

First and foremost, thank you to Nevillee ( and Surry Hills Pop up for inviting us to be part of the event. Despite having less than 3 weeks to plan for it, the event turned out extremely well.

It was Mr Mysterious’ inaugural pop up store / show room. And it was very exciting. There was a mountain of preparation work to do from a visual merchandising standpoint but with the help of many, we were able to pull together an attractive stand.

We gave everyone a sneak peek of the new perspex jewellery line we are working on and everyone just loved it! We managed to get a few sales from just our sample products. So, stay tuned on

We enjoyed seeing everyone’s looks and the feedback on our products. Thanks to all of those who came by to support us and enjoy the catwalk shows and just mingle with a drink or two. I hope all of our enjoyed a memorable event and was able to get some bargains at all participating brand.

Until next time!






Mr Mysterious Launch | Christmas Day

Today marks a big day for Mr Mysterious. On Christmas Day, yes, Christmas Day, Mr Mysterious online store publicly went live.

It has been a fruitful and busy 2013 and I’m pleased to announce it has all paid off for everyone who has helped make this store happen. I couldn’t have done it all by myself and I won’t forget each and everyone one of you who has helped to make this so successful and given this brand all your support.

My hope is that Mr Mysterious will continue to provide its customers or fans all the beautiful things we promise, to allow for creative expression and to explore the curious and mysterious things in life.

To bigger and better 2014. May everyone have a wonderful Christmas and make sure you don’t miss out on the Boxing Day/Launch Sale coming up.




Mr Mysterious Photoshoot

Fun, fun and more fun. That’s all I can say about this photoshoot. And that’s what Mr Mysterious is all about. Unleashing curiosity and exploring. For me, it is. And I hope this is how it will transcend through the brand.

Of course, it’s not easy and it’s never as glamourous as it looks. For those who are in the industry, you will know and for those who aren’t, I won’t pretend it is. There was obviously a lot of preparation beforehand, including model castings, briefing the crew on the day while we frantically rush through makeup and lunch, not to mention the traffic that we all had to fight through to make an early-ish start. To ensure we made the most of the day and that we could fit everything in, a lot of work had already gone into concept creation, mood board creations, logistics planning etc.

However, after all the planning work is done, all that is left is to enjoy! It’s all in the attitude. And boy, did everyone have the right attitude! The crew was pumped and everyone exerted a curious and mysterious edge. We explored different looks and styles, we played and we had fun.

I have to thank Martha Mok for all of her help. She’s not just a HMUA, she’s a great creative director and a great friend. Without her, the day would not have gone so smoothly. (And yes, I do like the fact that her initials coincide beautifully with Mr Mysterious. In fact, her attitude to life is just what Mr Mysterious represents.)

Some behind the scenes pics….can’t wait to see the final shots!


Support Movember via Mr Mysterious

This is something I’ve always wanted to do. No, not to grow a mo! It’s to help fundraise for a good cause. This particular charity is close to my heart. My father was once a victim of Prostate Cancer. Although he has survived a relatively easy recovery from it, I have seen glimpses of how uncomfortable this cancer can be for men – both emotionally and physically.

I encourage everyone to be unleash your curiosity about this. I have done this through Mr Mysterious to help generate awareness about Prostate Cancer and how sufferers need support.

Please help support this charity!

If you can’t grow a mo to raise funds, you can still help by donating!


Mysterical | Mr Mysterious


That’s what I have been doing over the last few weeks. Any extra time I have, I have poured into Mr Mysterious makings.

In between my day job, running around after Seth, preparing Seth for big school, house chores and household operations, my digital consulting gig, I’m not sure I can squeeze more time into Mr Mysterious. But I have and I will.

– Product development
– R&D
– Design (yes, hand crafting products)
– Accounting and finance
– Mail boy & post office runs
– Social media platforms, brand and online marketing
– Photoshoot & model casting, photoshoot briefs and creative concept ing
– Web development, content curation and content uploading
– Copywriting and legal T’s&C’s
– Packaging and negotiating with fellow China men
– PR and outreach strategy

I get asked far too often how I fit everything into my life…. I don’t know…

It’s Mysterical… Or simply, for those who are religiously curious… It’s God who gives me strength.

Pray and seek Him. You will find time for yourself and others.